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You Can’t Say That! (Part 1)

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In today’s knee jerk politically correct society, one where context is considered superfluous, certain words have been thrown in the linguistic equivalent of incarceration.  The words are referred to by the letter they start with, part of the process of debasing them like a prisoner’s inmate number.  They also have to sit in the corner and think long and hard about what they’ve done.

Does one have true freedom of speech if one feels external pressure from society to never say these words, regardless of semantics?  To me it’s a rhetorical question.  One of the unique, irrevocable features of humans is the freedom to choose the words to express him or herself.  Even in prison one can still choose to communicate, or not communicate, in any manner one chooses.  The placement of some words in an area where the effect of their use is predetermined regardless of the user’s nuance undermines every individual’s right to autonomous self expression.

There is no word that is too vile to ever utter or write because that excludes the possibility of the discussion of why.  If every word is inherently unnatural, the man made high fructose syrup of human communication (as opposed to laughter, the sugar which is found everywhere and in everything), then these words don’t simply exist, they became.  Knowing how something became is commonly known as… oh yeah right, history, something kind of important I guess.  The following is my thoughts on some of these words.


As is commonly known the word gay is accepted appropriate vernacular to refer to homosexuality, particularly male homosexuality.  As your grandparents and drunk uncles on Christmas will tell you though, gay once referenced happiness.  How or why the transition occurred, I don’t know.

In addition to the “legitimate” use of the word gay there exists a second definition considered a slur, which is gay referencing things/people which lack appeal or things/people which act in a variety of disapproving ways including but not limited to underhandedness, lamness and a lack of fortitude.

In my opinion the word gay can be used in the negative respect for numerous reasons.  First and most direct to the point, it has already made a nonsensical evolution from happy to homosexual.  That’s what is commonly referred to as a precedent.  This precedent aside, I use it to make comparisons in a simultaneously literal and satirical sense.  Allow me to explain.

I have no issue at all with homosexuality.  I consider it a valid, healthy lifestyle and am appreciative of the discrimination gays face.  I believe they should be able to marry and do anything else that a heterosexual person can do.

That said however, the sight of male homosexual acts, even relatively benign ones, makes me uncomfortable.  It’s visceral.  Seeing two men kissing provokes an uneasiness in me.  I would consider it an act of torture if I were forced to watch gay porn, no exaggeration.  Torture.  I can assure you I would throw up.  If this makes me defective in some way, well that quality will have some company along with my other deficiencies.

Consequently when I use the word gay negatively, I am meaning something is so far from what I would accept or enjoy as to be absurd.  It makes reference to something I reject by way of its association with gay acts, not the abstract gay existence; the act of sodomy not two men falling in love.

In this regard it lacks any hateful qualities to make it a full fledged slur.  I’m not saying it belongs in most areas of the public sphere, however it has it’s place and that place has a right to exist as my intent is not to denigrate gays, but the gay acts.  Faggot on the other hand is an entirely different story, depending on who you ask.

I acknowledge faggot/fag is deeply offensive to many and it’s casual use is anathema to them, however it’s utterance in the negative light is not necessarily a blanket determiner of bigotry.  In a very simple way faggot is a derogatory slang reference to a man who commits homosexual acts, but like “gay”, not necessarily a bigoted, hateful exposition of the homosexual lifestyle.

What any individual attempting to use these words in their disputed or disavowed definitions needs to keep in mind is that regardless of one’s intent, these words set many people off.  An individual will meet deserved scorn in society for attempting to use these words in that way without a substantial amount of discretion.  In other words, what you say for whatever reason with your friends is in a private cache of words and discourse, similar to how you really feel about your boss.  In a public arena or among strangers your personal nomenclature doesn’t apply anymore than any random word you assign a new meaning to.  Keep this usage for those you know will understand the context of your meaning, straight or gay, don’t assume or face the consequences.


In contrast to the above words, nigger does not refer to a set of actions, it is a direct insult to the inherent nature of a person.  It is entirely existential.  It strikes a person’s constitution, not their actions or decisions.

There are no uncontroversial uses of nigger or nigga and many believe there is no real distinction between the two words.  Without parsing this subject, I’ll paraphrase 2Pac and say niggers are black people with ropes around their neck hanging from trees while niggas are blacks with gold ropes around their neck hanging out in clubs.  Pronouncing niggER is seen as having universal connection to its original racist intent, while niggA is commonly seen as the co-opted version of the word with the potential for positive or neutral connotations.

No person of any race can refer to another as a niggER in a positive light, as that word in that pronunciation has no accepted positive inferences.

The usage of nigger by any individual in a non hateful way is limited to academic discussion and well designed/executed satire.  The purpose of satire is criticism, whether that is good-natured or not depends on the implementation.  Every word considered to be at the extreme of bad taste has an application in academic discussion and in ironic use.  You are either discussing why it is what it is or using it’s influence to affect a different point.  Let me make clear this is definitely not fodder for a public display of using nigger ironically or academically by anyone.

Nigga has a more convoluted existence.  To some groups, primarily blacks, but to lesser extents other minorities and to a further lesser extent whites, nigga is not only acceptable, but indispensable.  I once tasked a teenager I knew to go the rest of our discussion without saying nigga and the concerted effort necessary was easily apparent.  Just like some people can not speak without saying words such as “like” or “you know” nigga as filler material is as much stuck to some.

In order to use nigga in the public sphere in a non-ironic acceptable way (to the extent it can be and to those who will accept) is first to be either black, mixed with black or generally all other ethnic minorities to a lesser extent.  Other than that, there really isn’t any other limitations to being confused as being racist other than saying something else racist in tangent e.g. “I hate black niggas, they never work” or “Gay niggas should die.”  I’ve never seen a white person say nigga with no irony and it be completely accepted, if only because I didn’t accept it.

In my opinion the word nigga today is more related to ghettos and the social/economic retardation there than to African American vernacular.  Educated blacks, older blacks and middle/upper class blacks use it in nowhere near the same frequency as most segments of ghetto populations.  Neil Degrasse Tyson is from the Bronx, but it’s hard to see him greet his friends with a “my nigga!”

Part of it’s popularity stems from entertainment depicting a predominantly narrow, unflattering segment of the black experience.  Perhaps hip hop embraced it as they did in part due to the Blaxploitation movies of the 70’s they grew up watching.  It didn’t introduce the word to them, but it provided a glamorous reference point.  Whereas the real pimps and gangsters of the neighborhood were using it much like others, these characters have the benefit of being characters, living however their writers imagined them, not bound by reality.

These characters functioned as essentially realistic superheroes for these kids, people able to overcome the ghetto through subversive methods, get filthy rich at the same time yet remain in the ghetto and be an integral part of it, all in a conspicuous flashy manner and ending happily or gloriously.  The rapper archetype is a natural progression, though the rapper unlike the pimp before him had the benefit of being in a legitimate industry and having a product that eventually became as mainstream as any other commodity.  They also reaped the benefits of newer media, allowing them to travel further faster than a locomotive.

My final thought on this is I encourage everyone to see 12 Years a Slave to get a loud and clear depiction of nigger/nigga’s intended vulgarity.  “My nigga” meant MY nigga.  Ownership.  Property.  It’s use in subjugating the slaves and denying them humanity was instrumental.  They weren’t people, they were niggers; subhuman forms of life that need a word created for them because they are an abomination in a perfect white world.  Rather poignant stuff.

Check back soon as I continue this dissection of society’s most taboo words such as bitch, retard and tranny.

Kim Kardashian’s Ass Is Blacker Than Prince

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In another exclusive to The Cartel, we have received a just released study that explains the plain old rudeness Prince displayed to Kim Kardashian at his concert at the Garden.

It turns out that, genetically at least, Kim’s ass contains more sub Saharan DNA than Prince.  The reasons are diverse, the study explains.

One, look at Prince.  We don’t even know what he is exactly.  He could quite possibly be the alien that abducted Travis Walton in Fire In The Sky.  Even the scientists couldn’t figure it out. 

Two is that for some strange reason, Kim’s ass retained many black properties descended about a hundred generations ago.  You see, if you go back far enough, everyone has a black relative; it’s just simple math.  If there were only 500 humans on Earth at one point and they were all in Africa, then you have a distant black relative.  

Three, but most critically the scientists noted, is that Kim’s ass has been the recipient of such a staggering amount of sub Saharan DNA by way of beef injection.  They are not sure, but they think that possibly at the time of the mega cum loads, she was also near a microwave.  It’s like the movie the Fly, kind of, but not really.

When Will Eminem Stop Being a Wigger?

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What do you call an almost 40-year-old white man from nowhere Michigan who believes he is a 20 something year old black male from Detroit?  Eminem!

It’s a legitimate observation.  For one, Eminem is not from Detroit, he’s  from a suburb of Detroit.  I’m not trying to say he’s like a Kid Rock and actually from a well to do background in addition to fronting like he’s from Detroit, but there’s a difference between white trailer trash bumblefuck Michigan, and well Detroit.  It’s like how Michael Moore says he’s from Flint, but he’s from Davidson, a Flint suburb.  That’s like telling people you are from the Bronx when you are from Westchester.  They are adjacent to each other but it’s not the same thing.  The Upper East Side is adjacent to Spanish Harlem, but 86 and Lex isn’t 110 and Lex.  What people will purport just to get a rep…

You would think Eminem was a real life version of Steve Martin’s character from The Jerk.  Like, surely he must have been raised by black people to speak with black vernacular, accent and diction?  But no, he’s just your regular Michigan cracker. 

I don’t want to put him down per se because he is talented, though I haven’t been able to listen to his music with any consistency for years.  It’s just he gets a pass for all his fronting because of that, and it’s kind of absurd.  

Look at former wigger Marky Mark AKA Mark Wahlberg.  He fronted when he was young, but then he grew up.  Doesn’t speak like he used to when he was with the Funny Bunch.  Same with Vanilla Ice.  But no, Eminem had to gain unprecedented acceptance in a black arena which somehow convinced him he actually is black.  Then again you didn’t see Larry Bird do the same shit. 

While I’m clowning Eminem a little, can someone tell me why he’s always sulking?  Him and Jay Cutler perpetually look like babies who didn’t get their nap.  Can we burp Eminem and Jay Cutler please?  Maybe get them a pacifier.

 What makes white people want to be not white to begin with?  Being white has a lot more advantages than being not white.  He’s not even ethnic, he’s Mayflower shit, Anglo-Saxon shit.  Revoke this man’s pass.

Stop Aid To Israel

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Recently that fat ass Governor of NJ Chris Christie – whom I only call a fat ass out of journalistic integrity – stated that police officers in Camden, NJ who work the graveyard shift should not receive a shift differential.  He scoffed at the idea.  It seems he has trouble understanding the realities of Camden, the jobs police officers do, the schedule in which most crime occurs and how working the graveyard shift can affect a person and their relationships.  Shit, McDonalds will hit you off with at least a quarter more for flipping burgers at that time.  You would think that fat fuck Chris Christie would know that.  He’s gotta be in there 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts on the REG!  That Trenton Mickey D’s calls it the Big Chris.  When he tells his intern to “CC Mickey D” on that email he means, “get my fuckin Big Mac NOW RAHHHHHHHH!  and a DIET Coke, I’m watching my weight RAHHHHHH!”

What Chris, and all these other ultra fiscal conservatives never suggest to save some dollars is simply cutting off all aid to Israel, or at least making it relative to the average country the U.S. aids.

In 2010 U.S. aid to Israel was 2.777 BILLION dollars.  In 2011 it will be 3 billion.  You know what just look at the chart below.

Do you know what over 100,000 million is?  Over 1 TRILLION dollars.  (*** Update  Whoops, actually I’m pretty sure it’s only 100 Billion) All this for the crown jewel democracy of the middle east which always falls back on it’s “right to exist” mantra.  If it has this unique right to exist, then why does it need Daddy Warbucks’ help?  I’m sure Mexico thought it had a “right to exist” when the U.S. invaded it, took a huge chunk of its land and now demonizes those very same people while simultaneously benefitting from them.  Make no mistake, we should be claiming Israel on our taxes.  We OWN that shit.  We are Israel’s sugar daddy, except we haven’t got laid once!  What kind of deal is that?  Why are we underwriting the existence of this country?  What do we get out of this?  Once it was a presence in the middle east, but now we’re in Iraq and Afghanistan so once again, what are we doing?  It’s like drunk sex when you realize you aren’t wearing a condom but continuing because you already started.

I think a lot of people don’t realize Israel routinely bulldozes entire Palestinian neighborhoods whenever they feel like taking up more space.  People here go crazy when eminent domain is exercised, but our pals are using our money to ethnically cleanse Israel of Palestinians by making living conditions so deplorable they either die or go somewhere else. 

The human rights violations which occur in the occupied, as in militarily occupied, with little to no freedoms like personal movement, terroritories are very real and very casually inflicted.

Here’s an excerpt from an Amnesty International report of a July 2009 incident in Israel.

Israeli forces killed hundreds of unarmed Palestinian civilians and destroyed thousands of homes in Gaza in attacks which breached the laws of war, Amnesty International concluded in a new report published on Thursday. Operation ‘Cast Lead’: 22 days of death and destruction, is the first comprehensive report to be published on the conflict, which took place earlier this year.

Isn’t killing hundreds of unarmed civilians and destroying thousands of homes in one fell swoop more commonly referred to as terrorism?  Oh I see, only dark-skinned people participate in terrorism, not the so-called rightful owners of a land who for some reason do not bear much indigenous resemblance to these guys who they are forced to share it with.  Oh I get it, those unarmed civilians and their homes were terrorists and terrorist facilities.  If only Israel could throw those dirty Palestinians into ovens!

It’s called collective punishment.   A small percentage of Muslim Arabs who engage in terrorism justify the indiscriminate and wanton murder of anyone in that gene pool and/or belief system.

I’m not going to sit here and sing the praises of the Arab world because it probably is the most backward on Earth; they gotta get their shit together.  The thing is, we as American taxpayers DON’T FUCKIN PAY FOR THAT.  We do pay for Israeli terror, which is their battle, in their backyard, for something which doesn’t benefit us.

I want you to find any existence of Islamic terrorism prior to the formation of Israel.  You won’t find it because the fact is terrorism is not an action, it’s a reaction.  It is a result of impotent rage, a pathetic response to hopelessness. 

Don’t take it from me though.  The U.N. Commision on Human Rights gushes:

 “…widespread, systematic and gross violations of human rights perpetrated by the Israeli occupying Power, in particular mass killings and collective punishments, such as demolition of houses and closure of the Palestinian territories, measures which constitute war crimes, flagrant violations of international humanitarian law and crimes against humanity.”

Hmmmmm, sounds like the kind of shit that might make someone who has nothing to live for strap a bomb to themselves and kill a bunch of people.

If we believe Islamic theocracies are wrong, then we need to ante up and stop supporting a Jewish theocracy.  Religion and government have no business mixing.

The crazy thing is, anti-Semitism in the U.S. is very real.  Go to Ozone Park or Bay Ridge and see how those guidos feel about Jews.  We hate them here but help them there, go figure.

To really fuck you up, most of my family on my father’s side lives in Tel-Aviv.  I spent the summer there when I was 10.  I got no beef with them, they are just trying to live their lives.  They don’t create government policy.

So to come full circle, I will pose to you this quandary:  why are we laying off police officers in one America’s most violent and troubled cities when we send billions of dollars to the other side of the Earth for an ambiguous reason?  Surely we can skim something off that Israel budget to make sure every single one of those men and women have a job protecting the citizens of Camden.  Are we prioritizing Israel over America?  What kind of shit is that?

The Mysteries of Hip Hop

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I love hip hop, it’s not my favorite music, but that’s only because music for me is like food, sometimes you want BBQ, other times Mexican, sometimes Italian.

One of the reasons I love hip hop is because of the competitive aspect of it.  There simply is no other music which encapsulates such aggression against its other creators.  Blues musicians want to one up one another and play their solos lick by lick in impromptu battles, but there wasn’t any beef because of it.  B.B. King never said to Buddy Guy “fuck you then nigga I’ll see you outside BEOTCH!”  Another reason is how a DJ’s dexterity can create new works of art on the fly or how anyone can record their own verse on any beat, going anywhere they want with it.  I could really go on and on.

With that said, I am writing to ponder to two of the biggest hip hop mysteries of all time.

The first is, how come in 25 years of rapping, the Beastie Boys never got any better at it?  I’m not trying to diss them because I think they are hot.  Name me any other hip hop group where all the members rap AND play instruments.  No, no they are definitely hot.  The thing is, lyrically, they kind of suck.

They didn’t always suck, but the standards came up.  What was hot from say 85-92 isn’t hot anymore, but they still rap like that.  Can I get a polysyllabic rhyme Mike D?  How about the king Ad Rock?  MCA?  Yes from the Hudson River to the Nile, I heard it all three times.  One song, any song, off of Illmatic bodies the collective rhyme contributions of all the Beastie Boys.

I wish I could say that it was just a lyrical thing, but their flow needs to be updated too.  It’s like they’ve been in a coma for all their records and only get out of it to record.

The next mystery of hip hop is how come there has never been ONE hot British rapper EVER?  I don’t want to hear your obscure esoteric pics, I’m talking an official British rapper that people would bump in NY on a mass scale.  There just isn’t one and it’s very peculiar.

In the 60’s the British proved the overall adeptness, even mastery, at “borrowing” black American music.  Fuck that, the Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, the Kinks… all BITERS.  What gave them the NERVE to so brazenly rip our shit off like that?

See the difference between that and this is 1. racism and 2. hip hop is hip hop. self explanatory; they wanted black music, they just didn’t want black PEOPLE.  And point 2, well when you listen to a guy sing or play guitar you may think, well that could be an American black person doing that.  Not with rap.  That British accent sounds stiff.  It’s just no good.  In fact, possibly the only hot British jam of anykind might be Mark Morrison’s “Return of The Mack”  I don’t even want to hear a snippet of “well Slick Rick was born in England…”  He’s from the BRONX!

More mysteries of Hip Hop revealed on the next edition of… The Lupa Cartel!

Brooklyn, BK, Brooklon

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I have nothing against Brooklyn, but as a weird Hunter S. Thompson like not meant for mass production prototype Jersey-Bronxite, I just keep my opinions of BK in perspective.

Probably more so than any other borough it has the highest identity/pride factor.  Where you from?  BROOKLYN.  Yeah that’s nice…

This idea that all Brooklynites are somehow united in their mutual residence in BK is garbage though.  There are very much 2, maybe even three Brooklyns.  One for whites, one for minorities, and one for immigrants.

For example, you ask white people from Brooklyn who their favorite rappers are and they’ll probably say Biggie or Jay-Z.  Why?  It’s a Brooklyn thing stunad!

Well only thing is, Biggie and Jay don’t rep the white parts of Brooklyn.  That’s right, they could care less about you Guido.  Here’s a list of neighborhoods name checked in their classic “Brooklyn’s Finest”

  • Marcy
  • Bed-Stuy
  • Crown Heights
  • Bushwick
  • Fort Greene
  • Red Hook
  • East New York
  • Clinton Hill

Notice Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Midwood, Borough Park, Sheepshead Bay or Brighton Beach aren’t there?  I don’t think they are shouting out the Jews in Crown heights.

Some people from other parts of the country might think, but I thought Brooklyn was this super cohesive thing and everyone from Brooklyn got along?  Hello, have you seen Do The Right Thing?  Mutual residence in a borough is far from a guarantee of civility. 

If you live in Williamsburg or Fort Greene, or any other gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood, you better believe the natives resent that you live there after it was safe to live there and are the cause of the rent being TOO DAMN HIGH! 

DUMBO?  I don’t think so.

Cinco De Mayo

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Today is Cinco De Mayo, a holiday commemorating the unlikely victory of a Mexican army over a much better equipped and larger French army during the Battle of Puebla, an army which had not lost a battle in 50 years.

This holiday commemorates a real “300”, the movie in which a small Spartan army similarly defeated a large Persian army.  300 is based on real events, as in the battle, but other than that the movie is a piece of racist fluff.

In 300, the Spartan army is portrayed as brave, valiant and noble;  fathers and sons going into battle without fear.  While Leonidas is bravely fighting the Persians, his wife is at home getting raped and trying to keep Sparta together.  They are all extremely muscular, and pretty well groomed.

How are the Persians portrayed?  As eccentric, barbaric and perverse.  In the Persian lair there is monsters and homosexuality, all headed by an egomaniac and quasi homosexual leader.  Who would you rather be, the humble, brave and masculine Leonidas?  Or the androgynous, morally suspect and flaky King Xerxes.

300 is a fictional retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae, which happened about 400 years before Christ.  As accurate as a story that old can be, it has many parallels to the Battle of Puebla, except the Battle of Puebla took place about 150 years ago when we actually got that historical record thing down pat.

What if the Battle of Puebla was made into a film?  I think that would be awesome, however we would never see it portrayed in such a way as 300 was done.

Picture this:  The Mexican army is a strong, family oriented unit.  They work hard at home, and are eager to defend Mexico at all costs.  Their wives are dutifully loyal to their husbands at war and strong women who raise the children all alone.  The Mexican warriors look like they are roided up, and all of their mustaches are painstakingly trimmed.

They are called to battle by a fat, hairy and smelly French army.  The French army obsesses over cigarettes and weird, freaky sex; in fact most of them don’t even know if they are gay or straight, if it’s a hole in the ground they will fuck it.  The French army has come to invade Mexico over an unpaid debt and claim the land of the sun for themselves, chainsmoking and wheezing the entire time.

That movie would never get made, but how is that different than what happenned in 300.  Let me give you another example of a racist movie.

When I was a kid, I loved the Three Amigos, and it’s a funny movie.  Unfortunately there are some offensive things in that movie.  For one, the Mexicans only drink Tequila and they all have yellow teeth, even their leader the powerful and rich El Guapo.  They all always look disheveled (except the women).

All the white people in the movie are depicted as clean and with nice clothes.  The Three Amigos, the Frenchmen, the studio people.

The worst scene is at the end, when Martin Short’s character is attempting to pump up the Mexicans into defeating El Guapo’s gang.  He says they have to use something they are good at in defeating El Guapo, and he asks what they are good at.  The all look at each other in bewilderment, with a look on their face that says, “we are stupid Mexicans, we are not good at anything.”  Then one of the has an idea.  What is used to defeat El Guapo?  Their sewing skills.  Yes their biggest collective talent was sewing.

Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom is another racist movie and if you’ve seen it, think real hard and if you need help let me know.

On Cinco De Mayo, which is not Mexico’s independence day (which happens in Sept.), we should take time to look at issues all immigrants face around us.  The federal DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act has was introduced into Congress on March 26 by Dick Durbin (D-IL), Richard Lugar (R-IN), Harry Reid (D-NV), Mel Martinez (R-FL), Patrick J. Leahy (D-VT), Joseph Lieberman (I-CT), Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA), and Russel D. Feingold (D-WI), clearly a bi partisan effort of which we do not see in Washington normally.  I encourage everyone to look into the issue of tuition equity for undocumented students and how immigration reform is the new civil rights struggle of our generation.

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