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What Do Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly & Glenn Beck Have In Common and Why? Lady Gaga Because…

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Poke Her Face

Poke Her Face

A number of well known conservative men have an affection for Lady Gaga. How do I know?  Let’s skip the appetizer and head to dessert, shall we?

On Don Imus’ website is a listing of guests who have provided them with a list of their 5 favorite songs of all time.

Can’t say I’m a fan of the I-Man, but his indelible radio legacy is undisputed.  In any event, assuming this information is accurate, the selections of the individuals are fascinating and ultimately very telling. You can tell a lot by what a person listens to.

Music preference is the number one medium or artform from which some derive their entire identification.  You aren’t what you eat, you’re what you listen to.  Punks, hip hop heads, ravers, jazz heads etc are all collectives based on music preference elevated to a lifestyle.Lady Gaga

I thought it interesting then when going through the list that I saw a song by Lady Gaga among the selections of Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.

What is a person who is perhaps the gay community’s favorite artist and advocate doing on the list of the all time favorite songs by some stuffy, older conservative guys?  For context, lets look at these individuals self described 5 favorite songs. (Links source to the Imus lists)

 Donald Trump 

For someone like the Donald, it’s hard to know if he ever does anything sincerely, unless sincerity is what is needed for self aggrandizement.  If this is an honest list I think the most noteworthy thing is that all the songs attempt to express an emotion.  For someone who seems robotic and alien, it puts a human touch on Trump.  You’d think he’d listen to John Cage experimental music or to white noise, but to him it would sound like the Beatles.

Bill O'Reilly

Bill will get you the O, with apparently less

Bill O’Reilly

Bill in contrast to Donald we can say with confidence is a terrestrial human being.  Most of his choices are feel good and upbeat, with the exception of the Elvis song, though it’s not like Kentucky Rain is Seasons In The Sun.  I’m thinking he arrived at this by figuring out what he bumps on his ear buds after hitting the sack drunk on a Saturday while his producer – I mean wife – sleeps next to him.


Guess what I’m gonna do with this finger?

Glenn Beck

Not that I particularly enjoy his picks, but Beck clearly is the biggest music fan of the bunch.  His list is entirely contemporary which might indicate he believes music is getting better as time goes by and that possibly if he were asked in ten years what his favorite tracks are they could be all different.  I think the exclusion of a single song from his youth indicates a bit of fraud however.  Even Trump included a song from the 60’s, which I guess is the farthest back he’s comfortable with being nostalgic, probably because he was still a relative peon then.

What does it all mean?

It certainly is a tad ironic Lady Gaga would show up on these guys’ lists. It’s almost like if Ted Nugent showed up on Rachel Maddow’s list.  I think they genuinely like the songs, but I believe there is a psychological explanation.

The brain can connect the senses with a memory that coincides with when the song was heard.  This can produce vivid memories and intense feelings associated with the song.  It’s why whenever I hear Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue I’m transported in my mind to a random strip club.  I believe all these men use Lady Gaga in the same way, to conjure up a pleasant memory.

They say men are only as faithful as their options, and these guys have a lot of options.  For one they are filthy rich and two they are famous and work in entertainment.  Those two qualities ensure these men’s options will be as prolific as spheres in a ball pit – worldwide day or night; a gold digger can smell money on other planets.

My theory is that Lady Gaga is the favorite artist of these men’s side pieces, aka goomars aka mistresses and as a result they associate Lady Gaga with being knee deep in a 23 year old that without the money and fame would feel awkward shaking hands with them.  Every time they hear these Lady Gaga songs, in their mind they are laying pipe in an exclusive neighborhood when under normal circumstances they would be on Tinder with their college photo talking about their great personality.  Or chilling with wifey, assuming they’d still be married.  Keep in mind the subjects we’re dealing with.

Of course that’s just conjecture as I’m not a mind reader (and I don’t need another day in court).  Occam’s Razor would tell us that removing all assumptions we should take them at their word though that is technically assuming they were being forthright about their favorite songs.  I don’t trust a razor I can’t shave with anyway.

In all fairness these guys distort the truth to millions to the tune (wink) of millions every day for self enrichment and involuntary notoriety interpreted as sanctimony to some, verity to others.  What’s a little marital infidelity in comparison?

While there was no lack of interesting tidbits from Imus’ page, here are a select few:

Chris Christie picked 5 Bruce Springsteen songs.  Ultra fan boy CC couldn’t bring himself to even consider another artist having better songs than Bruce.  I never understood the phenomenon of  getting intensely attached to one group and seeing them play over and over again.  In fairness, he could have done a lot worse.  A lot.  This essentially reveals however that Christie is loyal to what he wants to be, not necessarily what he should be.  I mean, he didn’t even throw in a Southside Johnny song.  Nope.  Every New Year’s Eve Christie cries himself to sleep playing Glory Days.

Cesar MilanDavid Patterson, Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace all had Empire State of Mind by Jay Z and Alicia Keys.  Andrea Tantaros, Jeanine Pirro and Mike Tyson also listed Jay Z songs.

Hulk Hogan picked three songs by his daughter Brooke.  Yeah OK Hulkster.

One of former Governor Mike Huckabee’s favorite songs is Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix.  Mike buddy, you DO understand it’s about drugs right?


De Blasio De Dunce & Wise Wilhelm

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New Yorkers keep electing guys from Massachusetts and wonder why this happens...

New Yorkers keep electing guys from Massachusetts and wonder why this happens…

Bill de Blasio has been mayor for 80 days, which is technically 115,200 New York minutes.

As eager he is to tell you about his “tale of two cities” he is less enthusiastic about telling you the tale of two mayors and two standards.

This isn’t because he literally became a different person.  Some might not be aware Bill de Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm Jr.  I have no issue with his name change reflecting his mother’s last name and what he was called growing up, however it can not be overlooked his legal name change coincided with his initial run for NYC office, and he couldn’t make up his mind after the first time he changed his name.

Wilhelm sounds Naziesque, and just sounding Nazi related is no good in New York.  That had to go.  Regardless of his motives, as I haven’t mastered mind reading yet (fingers crossed), the figurative imagery is undeniable; this is a person that is willing to become someone else for political expediency.

Yeah he whipped ass in the general election, though he barely made it out of the primary.  The fact he could ultimately crush up his competition is only indicative of how weak the field was.  Not to mention only 24% of registered voters actually voted, down from when 93% of registered voters voted for mayor in 1953, and 57% in 1993 when Giuliani first got elected.  That wasn’t de Blasio though anyway, that was Wilhelm the real brains behind the operation.

De Blasio is just the proxy in which Wilhelm comes through.  Wilhelm is the pragmatic one, he knows what he has to do to get something he wants.  He also knows now that he has power – for lack of a way of saying it I enjoy more – nobody can say shit to him.  He’s our Daddy now.

De Blasio meanwhile is the supposed populist ideologue with a black, former lesbian wife who will mend the divisions which create the two cities.  He’s the public relations veneer.  To whatever extent de Blasio’s success is, Wilhelm will have engineered it.  Like opposite sides of a coin de Blasio is the face and Wilhelm the foundation.  He’s the one who knew his made for TV son Dante would ingratiate him to a city which prides diversity.  He’s also the one whose level of scruples includes exploiting, I mean utilizing, his teenage son for his own professional gain.

Consider his tale of two cities refrain, a dish rich in irony and actually first served up by Chef Fernando Ferrer in 2001.  The economic and social disparity which exists aside, regular citizen Wilhelm could never speed and run through stop signs with impunity, let alone an officially sanctioned NYPD speed racer like Mayor de Blasio does.  Did I mention this speed adventure was preceded by the unveiling of Vision Zero, a campaign to reduce traffic fatalities, two days earlier?  Puppet Master Wilhelm knows that having the job is different then when you are trying to get it.  After all there might be two cities, but there’s still only one mayor.

Of course de Blasio, the facade, will purport to believe he is not superior or exceptional to the average citizen.

He is so committed to his propaganda, er beliefs, he included shoveling snow on his official mayor’s schedule, including the cameo by NYC’s favorite well coiffed and afroed teenager.  While the snow shoveling was planned I doubt the asinine act of shoveling with sneakers was intentional, though he managed to have the inadvertent audacity to dole out snow shoveling advice.  His zeal for fronting overcame his common sense.  People like a hot plate of BS that tastes good, but when the ingredients of the dish become apparent, people want a refund.  

De Blasio’s tendency to bait and switch or act hypocritically is a well stocked bar.  He brought Police Commissioner Bill Bratton back even though he is an architect of stop and frisk, a practice de Blasio constantly railed against and made a centerpiece of his campaign.  Perhaps my favorite flavor of his proprietary duplicity is the increase of jaywalking tickets by almost 800% while having no problem jaywalking with his city paid security team.

This guy is a piece of work, or maybe not.  His rule is the product of being the last person standing amongst a field of cripples.  The honeymoon period of “anyone else but Bloomberg” is over.  Like the day after a one night stand fueled by inebriation, New Yorkers are cracking their eyes open at 9A and finally getting a good glimpse of what they went to bed with.  And it’s a lot different than the guy buying us drinks while trying to get in our pants.

Obama to Colorado: “Drop Dead”

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Long, Ummm, Arm of The Law

As I type, the feds are raiding multiple medical marijuana businesses in Colorado.

The following is an op/ed I wrote for a marijuana related publication in Sept when the federal government released a memo saying they would essentially respect state laws.  They declined to publish it.  In my opinion, it is now rather prescient.


“Memo Legislation”

The Department of Justice recently released a memo outlining how they plan to reconcile the conflict over federal (and supreme) law with the decisions by voters to legalize recreational marijuana here in CO and in WA.  I call it memo legislation, and like a 13 year old girl on Facebook I so wish there was a dislike button for it.

For one I didn’t know it was still 1998.  I bet someone printed a copy of that memo 100 times on a dot printer, tossed the sides like bread crusts and gave it to each individual by hand.  I would be surprised if Eric Holder doesn’t have a rolodex.  I bet they have it saved on a floppy disk too.  What wasn’t made public was President Obama’s memo directing the federal government to use the office technology of the Clinton administration; he saw the way Bubba is liked these days and can’t see why it’s for any other reason.  Or at least someone wrote that down and he read it, but I digress.

Let me be unambiguously clear and honest: this administration does not want to legalize marijuana, or for that matter take any actual concrete and accountable measures to reduce the assault on rights marijuana users face by the government.  I think we can say that the buck stops with him.  His reasoning is irrelevant, but perhaps you might want to hear it when you need to kill time in a federal clink.  Let me continue this line of forthrightness and say that its basis for protecting you against federal prosecution is nonexistent.  It would be like using a garbage bag for a bullet proof vest.  They might have bad aim, but it wasn’t the trash bag that stopped those bullets from hitting you.  As an English major would say: it’s a red herring.

At this point in time in the Obama administration if they had an intent to actually do something concrete, I don’t know like attempting to repeal the law, even suggesting it is bad or introducing their own constitutional amendment, they would have done it.  To me what is most striking is Obama’s callousness.  He can, as the President of the United States take some perfectly reasonable steps unilaterally if he wanted to. Rescheduling marijuana from a DEA schedule 1 substance (“no medicinal value”) would at least nationally ease any concerns of the medical marijuana community.  Point blank this causes people who already in ill health to suffer more.  I find it difficult to believe a future president would schedule marijuana back, but it is entirely possible a different administration sends an email, not a memo, that says they will enforce every law the U.S. has.  Which is exactly what I want them to do.

It’s a cold and calculated indifference.  He can make a difference.  He chooses not to.

It Actually Is Israel’s Fault

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Last month, in what the victim probably describes as a painful irony, an anti-Zionist rabbi in Amsterdam was beaten at the hands of an Islamapsycho because he was Jewish.

The victim, Yosef Antebi

The victim, Yosef Antebi, in wheelchair

Of key importance in this story is that sources claim the rabbi made clear his beliefs but his attacker nonetheless proceed to brutally assault him, something like when Mark Wahlberg beat a Vietnamese man so badly in an alleged racially motivated attack he lost an eye.  Those were such bad vibrations, dun dun dun dun… such bad sensatttioooonnnnsss.

He sure looks like a mark to me

Now an op/ed has been written essentially saying that since the rabbi supposedly made clear his beliefs and he was beaten anyway, you can’t separate being Jewish from being a Zionist because your average radical Muslim doesn’t see a difference.  They hate Jews like the KKK hates blacks, or like the Nazis hates Jews, it’s an inherent thing, not influenced by any behavior or action.

I don’t think anyone can argue that a segment of the radical Islamist population does believe this, and I believe the segment that does are the poorest, most disenfranchised, least educated and least intelligent members of radical Islam.

The idea that that is all there is to it is absurd.

For starters it is a complete absolution of all the at best mishandlings, and at worst, state sponsored nefariousness which Israel has engineered during its history.

These decisions were in large part financed by the U.S., who is no stranger to engaging in terror themselves, and as such from the perspective of someone living in Israel and the occupied territories you can not separate the two entities.  You might work for Company A, but you get a check from Company B.  In many ways Israel is a subsidiary of the U.S. as it has provided them with 118 billion actual (unadjusted for inflation) dollars since their inception.

If like Islam, there were many nations with a Jewish affiliation, Israel would then not be the representative state of the Jewish religion.  But it is, and as such all of Israel’s actions, for all intents and purposes of the subjugated people of Palestine, are in the name of the Jewish religion, directly funded by the U.S. aka Western Christian Israel.

Israel radicalized Zionism in a way that it was not originally intended, because in the most basic sense Zionism only advocates a “home” in Israel for the Jews.  It had nothing to do with a political state and making Israel a homogeneous place.  In the British Mandate of Palestine in 1945 there were 553,500 Jews at 31% of the population.   As a percentage that’s more than twice than the amount of black living in the U.S.  Sounds like that was a home to me.

When Israel was created, there was a concerted effort to ethnically cleanse  Arabs.  Being 31% wasn’t good enough, even though in 1922 only 11% of Palestine’s population was Jewish.

Today more than 75% of Israel is Jewish.

The total population of the Middle East is about 395,000,000 and the Jewish population (entirely in Israel) is about 6,000,000.  That means about 1.5% of the Middle East is Jewish.

This means a group with a 1.5% representation in the region has the only control of a land that is significantly important  to the vast majority of Middle Easterners, and they are making many decisions which only at best that 1.5% supports and at worst are severe human rights abuses.

So unfortunately the author of the op/ed was correct.  It absolutely is Israel’s fault for creating the division between Jews and Muslims/Arabs that exists today.  Perhaps if Israel’s Zionists adopted a less liberal interpretation of what Zionism is, they would be able to humanely and legitimately fulfill their goals while achieving peace for the region.

Interview With A Non Violent Torpedo

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Charlie Sheen’s My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option tour hits Radio City this weekend and it’s worth noting he could have done better with that title.

I mean, aren’t all torpedos intrinsically violent?  Do they make pacifist Ghandi spewing torpedos?  Isn’t that like saying my sweet lollipop or the wet water?

Some of his crackhead ramblings are kind of interesting from a grammatical standpoint, but this is just loco right?  Not so.

The Cartel was contacted by a WWII torpedo from Sweden named Erik who said I have it all wrong.   He, in fact, is a non violent torpedo, there are others like him and it validates Sheen’s show title.  I had a chance to speak with Erik, someone who speaks fluent English.

Lupa:  Thanks Erik for talking with us.

Erik:  No problem Alex.

Lupa:  So tell us how you came to be a non violent torpedo?

Erik:  Well Sweden was a neutral country during WWII, but they weren’t a stupid country.  So they made torpedos, and all sorts of other weapons, that they never really planned to use.  We were just pawns in a huge posturing manuever.  It’s like the virgin that carries a rubber in his wallet.  You’re not using that son, you’re frontin.  So that picture I gave you is an artists rendering of me in the air.

Lupa:  You almost seem solemn when you talk about it.

Erik:  Fuck yeah Alex.  I mean I’m a fuckin torpedo.  I want to be shot, and I want to fuck some shit up.  I feel like the little boy born with a mangled dick so they cut it off and dressed it up like a girl.  But I was born with a dick Alex, and I want to fuck with it!

Lupa:  You seem angry now.

Erik:  Are you fucking stupid?  Of course I’m angry.  These Swedish fucks disenfranchised me.  I should of fucked some Nazis up, but they were too pussy to get involved.  Shit, I would have been fine fucking the allies up to.  I’m a torpedo, that’s how I get down.

Lupa:  Well thanks Erik for taking the time to speak with me.  I hope to shed light on your plight and the rest of the unused weaponry of pussified neutral countries like Sweden.

Erik:  Thanks Alex.  YOU are the man.  In fact, you’re the BOMB.  Get it, you are the BOMB.

Lupa:  I do Erik.  I do.  And you are the torpedo.

A Bunch Of Dopes

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The true believers in a movement have to be ready, willing and able to criticize what they perceive as fatal flaws which will perpetually lead it to failure.

The movement I refer to which I believe in is the marijuana legalization movement.  As righteous of a cause I believe it is, I think it’s being severely mismanaged by those who purport to have its best interests at hand.  The reason is that because the most visible people at the forefront of the movement are nothing short of addicts and fiends.

Attend a mass rally for the legalization of marijuana and inevitably people begin to smoke.  It certainly illustrates your fervor for pot to the average nonuser whose opinions you are trying to influence, but it also establishes that you can’t control yourself from smoking.  It’s not civil disobedience, it’s smoking pot in public.  Even if it were legal we would limit that to designated areas because that, hippie potheads, is how law and order works.  Limits are placed on things because humans inevitably exploit every little freedom to a detrimental extent.  Freedom of speech turns into “fire” in a crowded theater.  Eventually there is always an asshole that fucks things up for everyone else, and that buffoonery consistently spreads and infiltrates the weak-minded.

The problem with the movement is that the most typical of users are not a part of it, and that is the casual user.  A smoker who takes a hit or two when they come home from work and on the weekend out of your regular smoking device.  Not people who smoke before, during and after every activity.  Not people who spend copious amounts of money on their habits and accessories and clothing which says nothing more to the nonuser than “this thing has control over me.”    For efficacy, we need more people with regular haircuts, showers and attire to speak to the masses than esoteric individuals who live in a way that is simply not indicative of people by and large.  Does that have unfortunate implications, sure, but such is life.  You really can’t win at anything with a complete disregard for its consitution.  And this is war – savage, unforgiving and unreletning.

Another fatal flaw of the legalization movement is in its troubled marriage to a completely different movement, the medical marijuana movement.  It may be tough “medicine” for the some of the same fiends who run the medical marijuana movement, but using something for well-being doesn’t make it medicine, it makes it recreation.  Some people use porn for well-being in their lives, that doesn’t make it medicine.  Positively there are many uses for marijuana as legitimate medicine, but how many people in California or Colorado with medical cards 1. have a legitimate medical condition which marijuana alleviates and 2. strictly use marijuana to alleviate that condition?  Saying, “well I’m not in pain right now, but I’m bored” and then smoking is prescription drug abuse.  Boredom or lack of stimulus in your life is not a medical condition.

The most overlooked misstep of the movement I believe is its constant comparisons with alcohol.  That defense gets tired quick.  Why?  Because alcohol is not the problem, the abuse of alcohol is, and to purport that abuse of marijuana does not negatively impact lives (albeit to a smaller extent) is absurd.   Somehow a marijuana fiend is able to pass judgement on a mature user of alcohol, a person where alcohol never crosses a negative threshold in their lives, but can not take the equal look at themselves?  In fact, the majority of alcohol users never drink and drive, do not binge drink and only drink at appropriate times.  That’s a fact.  Saying well, look at all the drunks in this world, why can’t I smoke weed everyday all day is not exactly cogent.

As critical as I’m being of those who run this thing, I do believe the cause has merit.  The most poignant reason however is that we are processing people through an already overcrowded justice system for smoking a naturally occurring plant, causing ruin to no one.  Distributers on a mass scale, that’s a different story.  That goes beyond smoking pot.  That is engaging in an enterprise with potential harm to those not involved.  Income without taxation.  Possible use of violence.

I used to be a fan of Marc Emery on Facebook because I think ultimately he’s a victim.  The reason I stopped following him was that he would make posts that said “residents of this state, vote for so and so because he/she supports legalization.”  I commented that why would you vote for someone solely based on their stance on one, arguably minor, issue?  His account commented that if you support legalization, you have the right values and as such everything else would be good.  I promptly “unliked.”  If this is a guy who is at the forefront of this movement, I’m sorry, the “movement” will only be a static, figurative one.  We are all not the same, and it was mind-boggling to me that someone with actual influence would be so reckless and downright moronic.

At the end of the day, no one is compelled to smoke pot recreationally, so that intrinsic value puts it below other causes like abortion for example.  If you got raped, then got pregnant, and someone offered you an abortion or a joint, I think you’d take the abortion, even if it was a blunt coat hanger (no pun intended on the word blunt, pothead).  Likewise the loss of freedoms in the U.S. and around the world pertaining to simple quality of life and impairment of happiness clearly take precedent.  Ethnic prejudice, government impediment and general lack of freedoms are substantive priorities to the right to smoke up.

Then again believing that partaking in a recreational altering of consciousness has prominence over everything in this world is a hallmark of addiction.  And ultimately that’s what a lof of people who advocate marijuana legalization are.

Stop Aid To Israel

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Recently that fat ass Governor of NJ Chris Christie – whom I only call a fat ass out of journalistic integrity – stated that police officers in Camden, NJ who work the graveyard shift should not receive a shift differential.  He scoffed at the idea.  It seems he has trouble understanding the realities of Camden, the jobs police officers do, the schedule in which most crime occurs and how working the graveyard shift can affect a person and their relationships.  Shit, McDonalds will hit you off with at least a quarter more for flipping burgers at that time.  You would think that fat fuck Chris Christie would know that.  He’s gotta be in there 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts on the REG!  That Trenton Mickey D’s calls it the Big Chris.  When he tells his intern to “CC Mickey D” on that email he means, “get my fuckin Big Mac NOW RAHHHHHHHH!  and a DIET Coke, I’m watching my weight RAHHHHHH!”

What Chris, and all these other ultra fiscal conservatives never suggest to save some dollars is simply cutting off all aid to Israel, or at least making it relative to the average country the U.S. aids.

In 2010 U.S. aid to Israel was 2.777 BILLION dollars.  In 2011 it will be 3 billion.  You know what just look at the chart below.

Do you know what over 100,000 million is?  Over 1 TRILLION dollars.  (*** Update  Whoops, actually I’m pretty sure it’s only 100 Billion) All this for the crown jewel democracy of the middle east which always falls back on it’s “right to exist” mantra.  If it has this unique right to exist, then why does it need Daddy Warbucks’ help?  I’m sure Mexico thought it had a “right to exist” when the U.S. invaded it, took a huge chunk of its land and now demonizes those very same people while simultaneously benefitting from them.  Make no mistake, we should be claiming Israel on our taxes.  We OWN that shit.  We are Israel’s sugar daddy, except we haven’t got laid once!  What kind of deal is that?  Why are we underwriting the existence of this country?  What do we get out of this?  Once it was a presence in the middle east, but now we’re in Iraq and Afghanistan so once again, what are we doing?  It’s like drunk sex when you realize you aren’t wearing a condom but continuing because you already started.

I think a lot of people don’t realize Israel routinely bulldozes entire Palestinian neighborhoods whenever they feel like taking up more space.  People here go crazy when eminent domain is exercised, but our pals are using our money to ethnically cleanse Israel of Palestinians by making living conditions so deplorable they either die or go somewhere else. 

The human rights violations which occur in the occupied, as in militarily occupied, with little to no freedoms like personal movement, terroritories are very real and very casually inflicted.

Here’s an excerpt from an Amnesty International report of a July 2009 incident in Israel.

Israeli forces killed hundreds of unarmed Palestinian civilians and destroyed thousands of homes in Gaza in attacks which breached the laws of war, Amnesty International concluded in a new report published on Thursday. Operation ‘Cast Lead’: 22 days of death and destruction, is the first comprehensive report to be published on the conflict, which took place earlier this year.

Isn’t killing hundreds of unarmed civilians and destroying thousands of homes in one fell swoop more commonly referred to as terrorism?  Oh I see, only dark-skinned people participate in terrorism, not the so-called rightful owners of a land who for some reason do not bear much indigenous resemblance to these guys who they are forced to share it with.  Oh I get it, those unarmed civilians and their homes were terrorists and terrorist facilities.  If only Israel could throw those dirty Palestinians into ovens!

It’s called collective punishment.   A small percentage of Muslim Arabs who engage in terrorism justify the indiscriminate and wanton murder of anyone in that gene pool and/or belief system.

I’m not going to sit here and sing the praises of the Arab world because it probably is the most backward on Earth; they gotta get their shit together.  The thing is, we as American taxpayers DON’T FUCKIN PAY FOR THAT.  We do pay for Israeli terror, which is their battle, in their backyard, for something which doesn’t benefit us.

I want you to find any existence of Islamic terrorism prior to the formation of Israel.  You won’t find it because the fact is terrorism is not an action, it’s a reaction.  It is a result of impotent rage, a pathetic response to hopelessness. 

Don’t take it from me though.  The U.N. Commision on Human Rights gushes:

 “…widespread, systematic and gross violations of human rights perpetrated by the Israeli occupying Power, in particular mass killings and collective punishments, such as demolition of houses and closure of the Palestinian territories, measures which constitute war crimes, flagrant violations of international humanitarian law and crimes against humanity.”

Hmmmmm, sounds like the kind of shit that might make someone who has nothing to live for strap a bomb to themselves and kill a bunch of people.

If we believe Islamic theocracies are wrong, then we need to ante up and stop supporting a Jewish theocracy.  Religion and government have no business mixing.

The crazy thing is, anti-Semitism in the U.S. is very real.  Go to Ozone Park or Bay Ridge and see how those guidos feel about Jews.  We hate them here but help them there, go figure.

To really fuck you up, most of my family on my father’s side lives in Tel-Aviv.  I spent the summer there when I was 10.  I got no beef with them, they are just trying to live their lives.  They don’t create government policy.

So to come full circle, I will pose to you this quandary:  why are we laying off police officers in one America’s most violent and troubled cities when we send billions of dollars to the other side of the Earth for an ambiguous reason?  Surely we can skim something off that Israel budget to make sure every single one of those men and women have a job protecting the citizens of Camden.  Are we prioritizing Israel over America?  What kind of shit is that?

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