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Should Psychologists Diagnose President Trump?

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Mark Saligan commenting on a Psychology Today article:

Yes. The so-called “Goldwater Rule” does not apply if and when an individual is as clearly disturbed as this man is. I hear people saying that Mr. Trump suffers from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), Malignant type. While that may indeed be true as he does meet DSM-V criteria, I believe that writers are failing to factor in the differential diagnosis of Dementia. Given his family history (his father died of Alzheimer’s), his predilection for conspiratorial thinking, and his odd speech patterns/digressions I don’t think that one can rule Dementia entirely out. One final thought on the “Goldwater” issue. One did not need to have personally interviewed Hitler, or Manson, or Bundy to render a diagnoses. While I am not directly comparing Mr. Trump to these men in terms of diagnosis I DO think that just as it is foolish to hand car keys to someone who is obviously ‘impaired’ , it is reckless for professionals to ignore the fact that Mr. Trump continues to evidence behavior that at least on the surface seems indicative of some form of mental illness. * In the interest of full disclosure, I hold two advanced degrees in the mental health field and have nearly 20 years clinical experience in the treatment of mental illness.

One final thought here. All mental health professionals are mandated reporters which means they are required by law to report whenever they believe a person poses a significant threat to himself or others. It’s their professional obligation to do so. A person does NOT need to give their consent and they have no right to confidentiality if they are deemed to be a threat. I read these arguments that you shouldn’t diagnose someone if you don’t talk to them or if they don’t give consent – that is ridiculous. Forensic psychologists create personality profiles of criminals all the time. Teachers form opinions based on classroom observation and while those opinions are subjective, they are no less valid than that of a school psychologist who may spend a mere 50 – 90 minutes evaluating a student. Clinicians are professionally obligated to speak out . Period. It is indeed interesting that the same people who argue that we shouldn’t diagnose a public figure are the same people who believe it’s perfectly alright to profile someone at the airport or at the border based on their religion, the color of their skin or their national origin.


Is Gee Money (New Jack City) the worst right hand man of all time?

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Some compelling commentary by NovaKane:

I was watchin’ this joint last week after not seein’ it for years and realized just how useless this dude was to the CMB. I’m goin’ off top, so if I missed anything, feel free to add to the list.

– Started low key slingin’ crack before puttin’ Nino on which I thought was suspect. Nino gave him a pass and saw the bigger picture though. I guess that contribution is debatable :leostare:

– How you braggin’ about gettin’ your jimmy waxed for a week straight several times a day, then you start spazzin’ when some stripper you just met is feelin’ ya mans more than you? Son was talkin’ about to gettin’ to know her and shyt. Somethin’ doesn’t add up here :what:

– Not only that, but the muhfukka had a mental meltdown and started gettin’ high off his own supply after Nino sonned him in front of the whole crew. The Carter situation goin’ to shyt was his fault in the first place. He’s lucky he didn’t get gunned up and clapped quick :damn:

I’m startin’ to think Nas was talkin’ about Gee Money in Dr. Knockboot.

:wtf: are you doin’ promotin’ an ex-crackhead, puttin’ him around the shyt that got him fukked up in the first place? Then gonna let him bag up fully clothed. At least put him in there rockin’ only boxers. That fugazi belt buckle Pookie had on looked mad suspect :deadrose:

– If Gee had cut all ties with the Italians like Nino did, he wouldn’t have got swerved on by them when Ice T came through undercover as the new connect.

– Then he makes shyt worse by tryna cut a side deal with the new connect, so you know it’s a wrap when Nino finds out :snoop:

– Why didn’t Gee Money hem up the old dude in the bar that pulled out on Nino? Instead, Ice T was the one to do it with the quickness.

No loyalty, no heart, no leadership skills and didn’t know how to play his position. What a fukkin’ waste :pacspit:

Thank You Hipsters

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You’ve done us a great service

It’s not often that New York City hipsters get the (positive) credit they so rightfully deserve.  Whether it is because they are bereft of contributions to the city or they have such a negative stigma attached to them no one is willing to go on the record to heap praise on them I can’t tell you.  What I can tell you is that they have removed a small burden from my shoulders.

They have made me not hesitant to tell native New Yorkers I am from Jersey.

While I can’t define exactly what a hipster is for you succinctly, it would be argued by most that New York City natives are incapable of being hipsters.  I wouldn’t argue that.  Exhibit A Lena Dunham, no more questions your honor, I rest my case.  The consensus however is that the prototypical NYC hipster is from the Midwest.

(And on a side note for all intents and purposes a full fledged native New Yorker is someone raised in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx  or Queens.  Staten Island is arguably more Jersey than Jersey and too remote (no train to the city, no bridge or tunnel to the city and mostly suburban Italian).  Long Island and Westchester don’t count.  Yonkers gets an honorable mention because they pay for it.)

ANYHOO, before New York became such a sought after, desirable destination for mass amounts of non Tri State area transplants people from Jersey were the number 1 object of scorn and ridicule for people living in Manhattan.  Traditionally NYC was, for most intents and purposes, Manhattan.  Manhattan is the Big Apple, the city so nice they named it twice, the City That Never Sleeps, what Frank Sinatra wanted to be a part of and Gotham.  To this day when you say “the city” you are exclusively talking about Manhattan.

At this time being from or living in the outer boroughs was the object of its own derision.  People from Brooklyn and Staten Island were mockingly referred to as “bridge and tunnel” though that term was favored by Manhattanites  (well to do residents of Manhattan.)  This contempt was mutual, as made evident in Saturday Night Fever. There was nothing “cool” at all about being a guido, though to be fair there still isn’t.

I consider myself a naturalized New Yorker.  I’m not from New York but I’ve legitimately earned the right to call myself a New Yorker.

My first distinct memory of New York City was in the late 80’s when I rode the Staten Island Ferry all day during the filming of the Let The River Run video by Carly Simon because my brother was an extra in it.  After that I was sporadically in the city to visit my father, but that was limited because it just wasn’t worth the risk.  I remember my father asking a cabbie what the most dangerous place in New York was with him suggesting it was “Alphabet City.”  The cabbie politely let him know it was the South Bronx, where I would coincidentally later live off and on for a period of 10 years.

In the mid 90’s which coincided with New York becoming significantly safer as well as me becoming old enough to do things on my own I started coming here more often taking the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor line to see my father or go to concerts.  By the late 90’s I was already coming strictly to sin like when I went to the first Million Marijuana March, smoked trees with some guys I met there and then we all went to buy porn.  Yes kiddos, we used to actually have to get porn in a store and actually pay for it.  Then I got into raves and the sinning in NY got out of control.  This was when a fake ID that I got at the Rt 18 flea market could get me in anywhere no problem at all.

In the early 2000’s I went to an audio technical school in the city and was there daily while living in Jers.  I didn’t officially become a New Yorker until 2004 when I briefly rented a room from a Jamaican couple in Harlem, the only time I have ever lived in Manhattan.  When I moved in the husband helped me move all my shit upstairs but they kicked me out because they had to let a repair guy in my room and saw the condition of it.  Suffice to say they watched me carry all the shit downstairs when I moved out.

In my mind though I became a New York resident when I lived in Jersey City a couple years prior in an area that was more NY than plenty of places in NYC.  There was no discernible difference.  Everyone had NY accents.  In fact someone I know from Queens recently told me that was the most hood place he’s ever been to.  Of course this was when you could tell people in NY you lived in Jersey City and those that knew where like damn.

These days I live in ungentrified Brooklyn and literally have no one in my life I see in New York on any kind of regular basis, even once in a blue moon, that didn’t grow up in NY or spent decades here.  Some, if not most, natives will never accept me as a New Yorker even knowing all the previously stated, particularly “hood” New Yorkers.  But I feel more comfortable in NY than Jersey and New York accents, which initially were quite jarring to me, have now become the default accent to my ears; standard American English is what has an accent to me now and it sounds out of place.  But I get it, no part of my childhood was spent living in New York.  Not only that I didn’t even grow up living in an urban environment.  It was basically geographically and with people like you see in the movie Clerks, which is one of the greatest and most authentic depictions of non northern NJ life ever.

I don’t know when it became okay to be from Jersey or at least not as bad but let’s peg it at 2010.  By then everything hipster, it’s accouterments, it’s locations were well and long defined.  In fact I am able to concede my entire argument is simply my perception and there’s probably many New York natives laughing their ass off at this heresy.  But they just never gave it thought.

What the hipsters did was show that New Yorkers have way more in common with typical Jersyans than not and that they all have a reference point for Jersey which they lack for the Midwest.

What New Yorker has never been to the Jersey shore or Atlantic City or Giant’s Stadium?  I don’t think I know any that can say that.  Don’t tell me NY pizza is great because of the water because Jers has completely different water and bangin pizza is easy to come by.  They have the same local TV stations, watch the same local news.  If you watched Channel 9 back in the day you were watching a Jersey product.  And while New York was out of control back in the day, there is nothing in NYC as dangerous as Camden and a lot of Newark.

The two places have ironically traded places.  In large swaths of NYC it feels generic and unauthentic.  It feels fake.  But most of Jers doesn’t feel like that.  It feels like it always did, at least to me when I go randomly once in a while.  It’s still undesirable to people not from there.  Ask a hipster in New York they’ll tell you.  They would NEVER live in Jersey.

Many NY natives have never even lived anywhere else, but I spent a few years in Denver.  Believe me once you go far enough from the tri state area they see no difference in people from NJ and NY at all.  People would ask me if I was from New York and I would say I was originally from NJ and it didn’t even register to them.  To them it was like what’s the difference?

Don’t get me wrong, we know how different NYC and Jersey are and how different the people are but its because we’re looking at it under a microscope.  Go to Cali and they are looking at it zoomed out a million times and to them they can’t see the different details.

So thank you hipsters.  When NY natives ask me where I’m from, even though most people think I grew up in Queens, I don’t have any qualms or dread about telling them I’m from Jersey.  It doesn’t matter if they even see me the same as a hipster and break my balls.  New York has changed so much not only because so many other types have moved here, but so many New York natives moved away, that the goalposts have changed.  I may not be a touchdown, but I’m a field goal and at the end of the day sometimes you just need any score to win the game.

30-45? Don’t buy the Mini NES

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The actual thing


To everyone sweating/offering to buy my mini Nintendo keep in mind a couple things. I’ve played the thing for hours on end and have news for you. When the nostalgia wears off, you’ve got nothing. NOTHING! The best part of Zelda is the theme music. Have you ever seen 8 bit graphics on an HD big screen TV? It’s depressing. It’s like putting on your glasses to look at Steve Buscemi. I don’t know how I beat these games back in the day, but they are HARD. Any second now I will be googling the cheat codes.

And how quickly you forget what those physically disagreeable controllers do to your fingers after playing for 4 hours. No you are not 10 years old anymore, yes you will mind the blister starting to form on your left thumb.

And the games don’t age well. Your kids will think they suck because they actually do suck – and these are the classics – try putting them to play Ice Climber!


They were kind of bullish on NYC in the 80’s…I’m sure two white guys named Billy and Jimmy Lee with pompadours would be up to the task

The truth is it was cool THEN but now you are just hopelessly trying to recapture a part of your life which is forever dead; when you were a kid with no responsibilities engaging with what was then high end technology. Sure you can have ice cream for dinner now but when it dawns on you that you are doing that same shit for fun you did 25-30 years ago a part of you inside will start to feel uncomfortably numb. You might as well break out your He Man sword and beat the shit out of Skeletor (your little brother) with it.

So go ahead and spend hundreds of dollars on something that costs 60 bucks. When you need a respite from your adult life of plotting to fake your death to get out of credit card debt but taking on a new identity with the phonetically same but grammatically different name (because Loopa is the same as Lupa) it will be there for you. But like bargain booze after the warm feeling wears off you are in for the nauseating, unbearable hangover which is that you will never be a kid again. EVER.


You will be

P.S. It’s not even mine, it’s my roommate’s (roommate def (N) person you live with who is not your family/friend who you don’t sleep with). I pretended it was mine because life is meaningless and satisfaction hard to come by. I can’t even believe that after 40 + roommates in my life I still have them. Sure I live a short subway ride away from the greatest island in the world, but from time to time I have to find another man’s used sock on the mantle and raise the toilet lid to find another man’s unflushed shit. MY socks and shit are fine, but another man’s will subtly eat away at your essence like that drop of bleach that accidentally got in with the colors.

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