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“Good News” 12/22/12 Morano Show

Posted in Frank Morano Show, Good News on December 22, 2012 by Lupa

Chronic caller Jim from the Lower East Side reveals his anti Semitic leanings, update on SI family who lost their home in Sandy, BX advocate for incarcerated youth, BK Mayans foretold doomsday predictions were bull, Breezy Point couple who lost home get married, Lennox Lounge’s new owner keeping club mostly intact and the Knicks win over the Nets

“Good News” 12/22/12

“Good News” 12/15/12 Morano Show

Posted in Frank Morano Show, Good News on December 22, 2012 by Lupa

NYC mayoral candidates, BX hospital toy drive, Queens Rabbi and Reverend team up, Washington Heights school receives college counseling room, SI vendors market, Philadelphia girl cured of Leukemia with HIV virus, London man has hand reattached and it works

“Good News” 12/15/12

“Good News” 12/8/12 on the Morano Show

Posted in Frank Morano Show, Good News on December 22, 2012 by Lupa

“Everyone’s Uncle” Uncle Joseph gives his thoughts on The Crow’s Nest restaurant in Hackensack, High School BX chess champs, BK author makes Oprah’s book club, genorosity to family who lost home in Sandy and Former Mayor Ed Koch released from the hospital

“Good News” Dec 8 2012

“Good News” Morano Show 11/10/12

Posted in Frank Morano Show, Good News on November 12, 2012 by Lupa

My alleged vocabulary deficiency, 60 degree temps for Sandy victims, BK black female high school chess master, innocent man who spent 30 some years locked down freed, James Bowen and Street Cat Bob, corny show on talk stream live beating us, NYC gas rationing



Morano In The Morning… Starring Alex Lupa!

Posted in Frank Morano Show on April 2, 2012 by Lupa

 Insanity truly abounds as I have to inform the listeners of Morano In The Morning aka The Frank Morano Show on AM 970 The Answer that I have been chosen by management to replace Frank on his own show!  I do my best to handle the change gracefully and I offer him the opportunity to say some parting words as the regime changes from Morano to Lupa.  Not a podcast people, actual radio, yes I do that too!

Frank Morano Show starring Alex Lupa

Frank Morano Show starring Alex Lupa

Frank Morano Show 1/30/12

Posted in Frank Morano Show on February 18, 2012 by Lupa

I once again bless the Frank Morano Show with the biting, next level commentary you have come to expect.  I’ve made the executive decision as Patron of the Cartel to post all of Frank’s show instead of just my highlights.  I vouch for Frank, and when the Patron vouches for someone, the questions subsequently cease.

We discuss Herman Cain endorsing Newt Gingrich, Newt’s space fantasies, the city’s ban on eating on the subway, mandatory tipping on drinks, Demi Moore’s hospitalization, the Greg Kelly rape scandal, Sweet & Low V. Splenda among other things.  We also hear from a dedicated listener Frank in Staten Island… And this is just hour 1 (minus commercials of course)  More coming soon…




Morano In The Morning

Posted in Frank Morano Show with tags , , , on January 21, 2012 by Lupa

Highlights of my weekly appearance with Frank Morano on Morano In The Morning 2-4A Sunday night/Monday morning on AM 970 The Apple.  A Ron Paul supporter calls and I question him on Ron Paul’s claim he would not have stopped the Holocaust.  He’s skeptical but I produce the proof AND another caller backs me up.

Morano In The Morning 1/16/12

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