Batkid Should Be A Character Other Kids Play

It's B-B-B-Batkid bitches, get down on yo knees!

The one they call Batkid is back.

Miles Scott, a 5 year old former cancer patient and Make A Wish recipient, once again donned his cape to throw the first pitch for the San Francisco Giant’s home opener.

In a previous post I was critical of the event.  I felt it was unnecessarily exclusive to Miles, overly elaborate and the cost to taxpayers, which was later revealed to $105,000, should be billed to Make A Wish.

I was absolutely positive we had not seen the last of Miles playing Batkid.  That was one of those stories everyone felt restored their faith in humanity, as nauseatingly overused an expression that is. Something that captivates the public in such a way is bound to resurface somehow.

That first pitch should have been thrown out by a child that actually was currently ill so he/she could experience something Like Miles got to experience that day.  The only reason Miles was brought back was self serving.  It’ll make headlines and everyone can relive that warm, fuzzy feeling they they originally had.  That’s selfish, not selfless.

If Make A Wish wants to do the right thing, they will establish Batkid as a character other kids play and any time Batkid is “needed” a different kid should get to be called up.  End of story.  There’s no reason Miles should have a monopoly on being Batkid and keep doing all those extraordinary things that could be devoted to the endless amount of more deserving kids.  He had his wish already and he is currently healthy with no debilitating illness.

Another part of me is hoping they just keep using Miles, but that’s the side of me that laughed when I saw his pitch.  I mean, I know he’s 5 so obviously he’s not going to make it to the plate, but failure is funny.  Hell I probably would hit the dirt like half the ceremonial first pitches that are thrown.

Evil Lupa, the one that laughs at children, would love to see him in 20 years still playing Batkid at 25.  Lets set him up for life as this character and make him wear the same size costume.  Why try and make it as inclusive as possible so other kids can have a little of the magic Miles got?  We are a society that values the individual.  Lets exalt him to make ourselves feel good because that’s more important than being as inclusive as possible to the group of ill children.  Being inclusive would dilute the feeling we had when he originally captured our hearts and that would be bad.  Fulfilling the wishes of kids that are going to die soon is totally all about us.



4 Responses to “Batkid Should Be A Character Other Kids Play”

  1. Aaron T Says:

    Sheesh! The boy got to be Batkid twice. It has brought a ton of donations to MAW so that they can provide love for other kids. Give your fake outrage a rest.

  2. Clearly you are one of the people who are using Batkid to feel good about yourself. What would have made a difference if a different kid was Batkid and threw out the pitch? Oh right, you wouldn’t feel good about yourself. So even though that’s the equitable thing to do, spread the “love”, it’s just about this kid, and maintaining an inequity.

  3. I don’t feel that way so clearly you’re wrong. It’s presumptuous of you to try to know how I “feel”.

    There is no such thing in the world as Batkid inequity. It’s a problem you just invented. I’m still laughing thinking about you roiling in anger because a second kid didn’t get to be Batkid one time. Yes, it’s such a tragedy that the oppressive Make-A-Wish power structure is overlooking all the poor, disadvantaged terminally ill kids who have been clamoring to be Batkid. It’s just so sad.

    Look, the Giants promote MAW in a very positive light and the support and donations have increased massively because of Batkid. This allows dozens of other sick kids to experience THEIR OWN WISH, not the wish of someone else or some dooshy blogger.

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