Good Guys V. Nice Guys

Good Guys

I stopped trying to be a nice guy long, long ago.  In fact, I became entirely more content when I relieved myself of the burden of attempting to be thought of as one.

What I will be until the day I die is a good guy.  Not like a Chucky doll and not like the WMCA Good Guys.

A nice guy is thought of because of actions, most of those actions being ones of acquiescence.

A good guy is not defined by his actions, but of his constitution.  It speaks to morals and integrity.  The good guy’s actions will be similar to a nice guy’s in many situations, but in the ones most critical drastically different.

A nice guy is willing to sacrifice his integrity for the sake of civility.

A good guy is guided by what he believes is right.

A nice guy is compelled by what he believes will be thought of as right by others.

A good guy, compelled by a sense of justice, will seek to dismiss BS at all times.  The good guy knows the abstract principle is more important than the hurt feelings of the bullshitter.

A nice guy will have a higher tolerance for BS, because providing the proper reaction to BS, he believes, is being socially unacceptable.

A good guy will not continue an association or relationship with an individual they know to be actively deceptive.  A good guy would rather be liked for the right reasons.

A nice guy will let unscrupulous people use him.  People who will do so concertedly and with no afterthought.  He does this in order to be liked.

A good guy will contemplate an avenue to help a struggling friend, while keeping in mind that person’s feelings, because after all he is a good guy.

A nice guy will see his friends debase themselves and say nothing, as to not rock the boat.

A good guy’s only reference point is strong belief and the conspicuous holdings of them.  No one who stands up for their beliefs earnestly is thought of universally as a nice guy.  This difference can cause a good guy, who should be thought of a “nice guy”, to be thought of as an asshole in some situations.

A nice guy doesn’t believe in anything.  If he does, he doesn’t stand up for it.  He is universally thought of as a nice guy.  A nice guy cares what strangers think to the point of obsequiousness.

A good guy understands the opinion of family, friends and those he respects are paramount to public opinion.

A nice guy would write things on his blogs to try and get people to come back

I don’t give a shit and stick to my principles.

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