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Why Is Your Site Called The Lupa Cartel?

Posted in Print on September 24, 2013 by Lupa

One thing is for certain: more people like the name the Lupa Cartel than actually like the website The Lupa Cartel.

With the word “cartel” having evolved over time to be perceived as solely related to the organized mass production and distribution of cocaine for the general population, I image in general people think it is a beyond absurd reference, to the point of comedy.  These are the three reasons I named the site the Lupa Cartel:

1.  It sounds cool.  It just does, because of its association with illicit activity done on the highest levels, but it’s actually a form of unknowing political dissent.  It doesn’t take Judge Judy or Judge Reinhold to know that taking away people’s freedom for a victimless act is thoroughly criminal.  Drug cartels are among the elite at thumbing their nose at governments, which is the ultimate badass act considering the unprecedented power of the state in today’s world and the obscene sums of money made all in defiance of “law.”  If only they could operate drug cartels without all the other genuinely horrible things they wreak I could support them.

2.  It’s true.  Look it up.  I believe the definition of cartel is so broad one could argue any business or movement which at some point has a certain reach and has a stated goal is a cartel.  I imagine the media in conjunction with the government put the use of the word “cartel” there by design.  Innocuous language is an excellent propaganda vessel.  I’m not sure what the significance of the choice of the word is,  but I’m inclined to believe it was by design.  There is no reason I can not attempt to exploit that however.

(update: Apparently there is a very defined definition of cartel, but then again by that definition the US government is a cartel.  The dictionary says it can also be used generally.)

3.  It’s allusion to cocaine as metaphor.  It’s no secret that for some people, it’s pretty darn hard to stay away from cocaine.  So in that sense I want my page to be desired like that, indispensable for a person who falls under its influence.  If you create things, I believe it is natural to want them to be used or enjoyed whether they are real or abstract, something of a father/mother dynamic of the innate desire to see your offspring succeed.  Then again I don’t have kids, and I certainly never created something as annoying as a lot of kids.  But to be fair, I have aborted many, many of my creations.

That’s it.  Oh and Lupa is my name.

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