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Status Quote

Posted in Status Quote on July 15, 2013 by Lupa

“Men should be either treated generously or destroyed, because they take revenge for slight injuries – for heavy ones they cannot.”

Makaveli Da Don


It Actually Is Israel’s Fault

Posted in Israel/Palestine, Politics, Print on July 12, 2013 by Lupa

Last month, in what the victim probably describes as a painful irony, an anti-Zionist rabbi in Amsterdam was beaten at the hands of an Islamapsycho because he was Jewish.

The victim, Yosef Antebi

The victim, Yosef Antebi, in wheelchair

Of key importance in this story is that sources claim the rabbi made clear his beliefs but his attacker nonetheless proceed to brutally assault him, something like when Mark Wahlberg beat a Vietnamese man so badly in an alleged racially motivated attack he lost an eye.  Those were such bad vibrations, dun dun dun dun… such bad sensatttioooonnnnsss.

He sure looks like a mark to me

Now an op/ed has been written essentially saying that since the rabbi supposedly made clear his beliefs and he was beaten anyway, you can’t separate being Jewish from being a Zionist because your average radical Muslim doesn’t see a difference.  They hate Jews like the KKK hates blacks, or like the Nazis hates Jews, it’s an inherent thing, not influenced by any behavior or action.

I don’t think anyone can argue that a segment of the radical Islamist population does believe this, and I believe the segment that does are the poorest, most disenfranchised, least educated and least intelligent members of radical Islam.

The idea that that is all there is to it is absurd.

For starters it is a complete absolution of all the at best mishandlings, and at worst, state sponsored nefariousness which Israel has engineered during its history.

These decisions were in large part financed by the U.S., who is no stranger to engaging in terror themselves, and as such from the perspective of someone living in Israel and the occupied territories you can not separate the two entities.  You might work for Company A, but you get a check from Company B.  In many ways Israel is a subsidiary of the U.S. as it has provided them with 118 billion actual (unadjusted for inflation) dollars since their inception.

If like Islam, there were many nations with a Jewish affiliation, Israel would then not be the representative state of the Jewish religion.  But it is, and as such all of Israel’s actions, for all intents and purposes of the subjugated people of Palestine, are in the name of the Jewish religion, directly funded by the U.S. aka Western Christian Israel.

Israel radicalized Zionism in a way that it was not originally intended, because in the most basic sense Zionism only advocates a “home” in Israel for the Jews.  It had nothing to do with a political state and making Israel a homogeneous place.  In the British Mandate of Palestine in 1945 there were 553,500 Jews at 31% of the population.   As a percentage that’s more than twice than the amount of black living in the U.S.  Sounds like that was a home to me.

When Israel was created, there was a concerted effort to ethnically cleanse  Arabs.  Being 31% wasn’t good enough, even though in 1922 only 11% of Palestine’s population was Jewish.

Today more than 75% of Israel is Jewish.

The total population of the Middle East is about 395,000,000 and the Jewish population (entirely in Israel) is about 6,000,000.  That means about 1.5% of the Middle East is Jewish.

This means a group with a 1.5% representation in the region has the only control of a land that is significantly important  to the vast majority of Middle Easterners, and they are making many decisions which only at best that 1.5% supports and at worst are severe human rights abuses.

So unfortunately the author of the op/ed was correct.  It absolutely is Israel’s fault for creating the division between Jews and Muslims/Arabs that exists today.  Perhaps if Israel’s Zionists adopted a less liberal interpretation of what Zionism is, they would be able to humanely and legitimately fulfill their goals while achieving peace for the region.

Lupa Cartel Victory In The News

Posted in National Policy, Print on July 12, 2013 by Lupa

I have managed to change U.S. policy with a matter of winks and nods.

The United States will now be deporting Mexicans to Mexico City, instead of the usual “somewhere over on the other side of the fence what’s the difference anyway.”

The Lupa Cartel has an office in El D.F. and I contacted government officials about changing the policy to minimize airfare costs.

I can’t take credit for it, as I received inspiration from Up In Smoke, whereby Cheech, Chonbg and the wedding party get a free trip to Tijuana from La Migra.


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