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Why Didn’t Jesus Slip Some Physics In There?

Posted in Uncategorized on May 25, 2013 by Lupa

As a general rule, I try not to believe in anything that can’t be proven.  That does not mean I don’t have faith in things I can’t see.

I am an athiest, but I am not at all convinced beyond a doubt, some semblance of what could be defined as God exists.   My concept of what God is is substantially differnt than say Judeo Christianity.

Lets take a colony of ants.   In their world many Gods exist.  We are all God to those ants.  Extended, I believe theres a great possibility there is something that much more advanced than us.  They didn’t create everything, but their power would be considered God like to us. So in that sense I’m open to the belief in God.

Until I see it though I’m going to say it doesn’t exist.  I have nothing at all to gauge whether some other life forms exist, or God in the traditional sense.  It’s possible we are the only intelligent life in the entire universe.  Why not right?

Years  of PBS and  Discovery channel tend to make you realize, life as defined by physics is incomprehensible, at least to me.

Multiple dimensions, parallel universes, dark matter, super light speed, infinity.  Once you have a basic understanding of some of these things and what it means if it is true then the idea that a guy 2000 years has any connection to the creator of the universe is pretty absurd.  There’s no knowledge given in religious texts that was remotely divine for its time.  It’s all relative to its time.  The people who built the Egyptian pyramids had curiously advanced knowledge of math, but there’s no science in Judeo Christianity at all.  Why didnt Jesus slip some physics in there?

Having much experience with the religious, I know how this sounds to them.  “Well so you’re saying everything came from nothing.  Right”

That’s a fair point.  What isn’t is that any woman in the history of the earth has been impregnated without having sex.  If we recorded that today it would be one of the biggest things in the history of man.  Face it, that never happenned.

No one has communicated with God because it’s obvious God doesn’t communicate in a way we can understand.  There are things about religion I can respect, such as values, however these other things are not little things that can be glossed over.  If you believe a woman was impreganated without having sex or that humans have communicated directly with God a la a burning bush, that’s just madness, and I’m mad enough as it is.

Its not an all or nothing thing though. Lets take Jesus.  Just because I think he’s not GOD doesn’t mean he’s not OK in my book.  But lets face it we can’t relate to people that lived that long ago, so once you’re through believing in his divinity you realize he is something of a caveman compared to us.  2000 years ago was a LONG time.   He probably had a quarter or less of the vocabulary an average person has today because the words didnt exist yet.  He probably stunk something awful in that desert heat.  And dying at 33 wasn’t really dying young

Speaking of dying, it’s very possible when that happens its just like the end of the Sopranos.  That’s it.  I believe it.  Or perhaps there is an essence that lives on, a heaven of the mind perhaps.  There is no place where dead people physically are you know.  I mean, we know about the vastness of the universe, but in that time we haven’t found heaven or hell.  Doesn’t it have to be somewhere?

In my opinion life is less stressful when you don’t spend so much time with what happens when you die, why we are here and will we ever see dead people again.  We’ll all find out eventually.  And maybe eventually some people will never find out or at least they’ll live as long as there’s a planet for them.  Ay ya yi so hard to understand, kind of like the world is moving 67,000 MPH but I can’t tell….

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