Opinions Expressed Are My Own Only

To all my loyal visitors, unsuspecting fools, but mainly for inquiring minds from my employer:

All the views contained in this website are my own. I guess not entirely though.

Sometimes I hear something I like, change something enough to satisfy my guilt in stealing it and present it as my own. These are generally the opinions people respond most positively to. The rest is basically insane drivel. I can fully appreciate that any employer of mine would be concerned such a well known and respected figure as myself would somehow taint an otherwise impeccable organization. FYI I would never consider employment at any place I am not confident maintains the highest work standards, let alone labor laboriously for, or walk through major natural disasters for.

I respect all views. Respect implies civility in action. What I personally think of anyone I work for, or anyone in that matter, in it’s truest sense can sometimes use hyperbole, irony and a pronounced dryness. Perhaps I can be a jerk sometimes also. I hope they will act in accordance with my example and respect my views, regardless of the daily indoctrination into their beliefs I must endure.

I guess at the end of the day everyone should just consider this page a joke. Don’t take it seriously. It’s like a game of Monolpy: you’ll get the Boardwalk in the next game and bankrupt me. It’s just paper money though.

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