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Secularism & Psychopathy

Posted in Print on January 9, 2013 by Lupa

Besides being an abomination, what happened in Newtown last month was a message, resounding and without mistake, clear and concise: America is fucked up. Admittedly I tend to liberally use the F word; “the train was fucked up” or “Marquez fucked Pacquiao up.” This application of the F word intends to invoke the classic damnation definition. And why the hell not, no pun intended.

Obviously there’s a problem, but you can’t address the problem until you figure out the source. A lot of things have been thrown out there as possible culprits. You can ask five people and get five different catalysts.

A gun was the tool in this endeavor, but its not really the deciding factor. That’s like saying your penis, separate from you, is the real father of your kids. Without a doubt and rightfully so we have to evaluate the best course of action when it comes to maintaining public safety when events of such extremity happen, and with that said I’m not here to talk about guns.

In the days after the incident self appointed PI’s decided to take the case and figure out what really happenned and since it is an abstract thing, no one can be proved right or wrong and as such people use that fact to validate their own opinions to themselves, and advance those ideas aggressively to others. All of politics works like this too.

God and mental health, or rather a lack of both, and sprinkle in some Call of Duty, the abundance of it. While I don’t think under normal circumstances video games, or movies and music likewise can affect a persons actions to that extent, I’m also not an expert. I will say that if was a factor, it’s not anywhere near the deciding factor. So lets toss out violent video games.

We’re left by the separate, yet equally nebulous topics of God and mental health. The funny thing is they have one thing in common: science can’t prove they exist.

Now before you go speculating if I’m writing this under the influence, lets give it a bit of thought.

It should be common knowledge to everyone on Earth the existence of God is not proven, hence the belief is called “faith”.

How is mental illness anything like that? I mean, I’ve seen crazy people. Well no doubt we’ve all encountered people who are off, but science can’t tell us whats wrong with them, doctors can only guess. Bi Polar, OCD, schizophrenia, all of those things are guesses. The ailment is conjecture and the diagnosis is as well. If you have a physical ailment, the doctor can run a test to verify with complete certitude what it is or isn’t. Physical diseases invent themselves.

Conversely, mental diseases are created by doctors in a perpetually growing book called the Diagnostic and Stastical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). All a psychiatrist can do is note what you say the symptoms are and match it up with the pre made syndromes.

By now someone is going to say, what about so called “chemical imbalances.” It’s an interesting idea, but like theology we can’t prove it. This is why psychiatric medications are so notorious. Since we don’t know the root of mental illness, throwing around brain altering matter can come with disastrous results. There are no side affects, just direct effects.

What’s my point? I don’t know, but I think it would be judicious to tread carefully. What we don’t need to be doing is generalizing, grouping and debasing gun owners, the mentally ill, gamers and secularists. One guy did this one thing, not as a representative of anyone but himself.

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