“Good News” 12/8/12 on the Morano Show

“Everyone’s Uncle” Uncle Joseph gives his thoughts on The Crow’s Nest restaurant in Hackensack, High School BX chess champs, BK author makes Oprah’s book club, genorosity to family who lost home in Sandy and Former Mayor Ed Koch released from the hospital

“Good News” Dec 8 2012

2 Responses to ““Good News” 12/8/12 on the Morano Show”

  1. Very nice! I always enjoy listening to your stories, specially when you are on with Frank because YOU sound so much better. I just have one pet peeve: Frank shouldn’t be correcting you on the air, it doesn’t sound professional. It soundas as if you are an intern and he is your teacher. Love you and miss you!!!! mom

    • Thanks ema…It’s not like that though, it’s all part of the fun, and he has taught me a lot about this… And to be fair if I was more on point I wouldn’t mess up little things. There was one I did bad just cause I was tired and I tend to throw these together at the last minute. Sounded like I didn’t want to do it. I’m not posting that one.

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