At The Races

This is a very special episode of the Lupa Cartel.  I eschew all my normal conventions and provide a solo monologue on the subject of race and discrimination in the US.
For example:
I explain the racial dichotomy going on in the US and how it affects us, how mainstream media and entertainment is nowhere near ethnically proportional, ethnicity v. heritage, why blacks are the most important minority but how the idea that blacks are still the biggest boogeyman is outdated, white privilege and how not all whites are created equal, when does someone stop being white, how past disenfranchisement still affects us today, American slavery v. African slavery, how the welfare state hurts minorities, how Latinos are the new slaves, Latinos v. Hispanics, what a Caucasian is, xenophobia and the absurdity of English only legislation, the problem Latinos face blacks don’t, how Jews are minorities regardless of being white, the difference with race between the US and Europe, the discrimination gays face  and Rick Santorum, discrimination towards Atheists, the difference between theists and atheists, dogma and the importance of science in the religious debate…
At The Races
At The Races

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