Run For Cover!

My favorite cover songs interspersed with LIVE in game and post game coverage of tonight’s Knicks/Warriors game.   Not to be missed!

2 Responses to “Run For Cover!”

  1. Wow, didn’t know that about Springsteen covering Waits. Cool show, dude! (Er…no spots this time? Did the new book come out and your numbers tanked? Hope the PD doesn’t get cut!)

    Of interest to absolutely no one, one of my all-time favorite covers is…don’t judge me too harshly….the William Shatner / Joe Jackson cover of Pulp’s “Common People”. Seriously, I threw it on because I wanted a laugh, and it blew me away. Say what you will about Shatner’s signature delivery, but on this song with Jackson on guitar and backing vocals, chorus, and slick production, it made me forget all about “Judy in the Sky”. It’s what the original SHOULD have been.

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