A Lupa Cartel Christmas (For The Family!)

Gather round the fire children and allow me to impart to you my favorite Christmas songs and wax retarded about them.

2 Responses to “A Lupa Cartel Christmas (For The Family!)”

  1. Dangerspouse Says:

    About time you had your own friggen’ show, dude.

    The drummer for Winger is actually one of the more acclaimed drummers on the planet (or was, at the time). He was one of the original members of The Dixie Dregs (then just “The Dregs”) which hard core music types still speak of with reverence. But when Winger offered him the gig he jumped ship, ’cause as he said (in so many words) “they pay actual money”. Ah, musical integrity.

    “Walkin’ Round in Women’s Underwear” by the Bob Rivers radio group is still THE best contemporary Christmas carol, hands down, bar none. Sorry, punk. And no – it’s not based on personal experience. Not that I’ll admit to, anyway.

    Looking for the “instrumental” installment! Do this old dog a favor and at least toss in a few bars of the Dixie Dregs “The Bash”, willya? I don’t ask for much….

    Alrighty, good job there Young Jedi! Soon, famous you are. Powerful. Groupies. Yes. Now go. Go, and may the Voice be with you.

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