Still Think College Basketball Than The NBA?

It’s halftime in the NCAA Final and Charles Barkley just said this game is so ugly it reminds of the girls he used to get before he got rich and famous.


Just let that marinate for a second…  The ugliest girls Alabama has to offer… 30 years ago.  Picture that.  Blood type chicken grease hos with chitlin chewing gum.  

Some literal criticism would be Greg Anthony saying it is the worst NCAA Final he has ever seen.  So the question remains, why is there anyone that hangs on to the naive notion that somehow, in any way, college basketball is a better product, experience or execution of fundamentals than the NBA?

If you believe it is I’d like you to go get your medical treatment from an amateur instead of a professional.  Or fly on vacation by the airline which employs the nation’s best amateur pilots.  Better yet, call the amateur cops when there’s a crime you witness.

In 20 minutes of play two teams combines for about 40 points.  Do you really think we would ever see a game 7 of an NBA final play that long and score that little?

College basketball is probably the worst it’s ever been, and of course it is the talent which never sees a frat in their life (bless them for that)  which is the cause.

So I leave you college fans to watch your inferior product which you pump up because these kids don’t get paid. 

But they’re trying SOOOOO hard!

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