Some Changes Around Here

I once heard in a cheesy movie the following:

Good things take time.  Great things happen all that once

Without taking effort to deeply analyze, one can say that’s a fair enough statement.  Even if it isn’t really true, many situations seem that way.

That said I’ve decided to say fuck to certain guidlines I posted for this and completely flip the script, and this happened in a very stream of consciousness way.  One thing lead to another which lead to another and then bingo!

The biggest is that, this is my blog.  Yes that sounds stupid but I think all creators of appreciable matter have in the back of their mind the reactions of others and somehow tie consequences to that.  I’m tired of writing for an audience.  If someone wants to pay me or give me a worthwhile gig, sure I’ll write for their audience, but anything here is the Lupa Cartel. 

You are going to see a lot more content around here.  You don’t have to read it, but I think you’ll want to.

One of the things which I’ve never published is my freestyle writings.  My good friend who is heavily into art one day explained to me a painting technique in which you literally go to the canvas with completely devoid of exactly what you paint; you are guided by instinct.  I tried this a couple of times and this person liked it but I was hesitant to post stuff like that.  Not anymore.

I think from an objective perspective some of these things and other various things you may have read come off, well, kind of crazy.  Well maybe I am crazy.  Your current favorite writer I hate to tell you is probably a bigger basketcase.

So with that said, all will come in do time and I hope you enjoy, because I most certainly will.

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