The “Born This Way” Defense

Besides being the current song of choice to kickstart meth fueled gay orgies from the Village to San Fransisco, the new Lady Gaga single Born This Way also has dramatic legal implications.

It could not have been anticipated by even the dregs who live and breathe Lady Gaga, but it seems a new legal defense strategy has been pioneered inspired by Lady Gaga called the Born This Way Defense.

It’s beauty and effectiveness is it’s simplicity.  A defendant at the start of trial invokes the Born This Way defense.  That’s at.  Why does it work?

Have you heard the lyrics?

I’m beautiful in my way
Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track baby
I was born this way

That’s right.  God makes no mistakes.  Lady Gaga said it.  Case dismissed, defendant was Born This Way

The words themselves are a generic pile of shit, but somehow when Lady Gaga sings them they become ultrapowerful and transcendent. 

Clearly not any attempt to pander at her gay base, the cutting edge Lady Gaga is clearly on the right track.  It’s not like her music hasn’t been done before and really is nothing special at all. 

The fact is, she’s just too real.  Living in the gentrified Lower East Side can really change a little monster.  That’s her power.  There are no smoke and mirrors tricks in which you believe her music to be anything new by wearing meat dresses or trash bag panties.  Lady Gaga’s music really is substantially and inherently better than Britney Spears’ music. 

My personal favorite is Alejandro because I think it’s a song about me.  In fact, I happen to know I am that Alejandro.  “Hot like Mexico.”  That’s me.  That’s my name and that’s where I was born.  Call it a wrap.

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