Mr. Met Seriously Hurt After Sheen Mistakes Him For Yayo

Right after my story on Charlie went to print, The Cartel received some disturbing Sheen related news.

It seems that in a cocaine and booze induced psychosis, Charlie sliced Mr. Met’s head with a razor blade thinking his head was a big rock of blow.

The story goes that Mr. Met was in LA for an anthropomorphic baseball mascot convention when he encountered Charlie walking down the Sunset Strip.  Mr. Met attempted to get Charlie’s autograph when all hell broke loose.  Charlie, fresh out of his rehab, had apparently fallen off the wagon and mistook Mr. Met for fresh product from the heartland of Bolivia.

When I have more on this, you’ll get it.  Let’s pray for Mr. Met.  He needs a blood transfusion, but like Prince, we’re still trying to figure what exactly Mr. Met is.  His license lists an address in Corona, Queens, hopefully his family can shed some light on this.  I hope Lady Met and the little Met children have the strength to get through this tragedy.

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