Does Sexism Explain Why Charlie Sheen Gets A Pass?

In light of all the media coverage surrounding Charlie Sheen and his debaucherous ways, a fair and hard question emerges.  How come Charlie Sheen is largely getting a pass for all of this, but a woman like Lindsay Lohan who is doing basically the same thing gets vilified?  Is sexism involved?  The answer to this lies in the ever elusive context.

It only seems like they are doing the same thing.  That’s like you shooting hoops in the park and saying you do the same thing as Kobe Bryant.  Charlie Sheen is a veteran in the drug game, having sniffed blow and banged hookers before Lindsay’s opportunist parents conceived her.  He’s a 45-year-old grown ass man who came up in Hollywood, if Charlie doesn’t know the game, no one does.  Every time I party and it’s  5 in the morning and I don’t know why I’m up late wasted, I think of Charlie.  Then things become very lucid, and I feel completely at peace.

Next, the only real connection is drug abuse.  Charlie Sheen knows to have a driver, take a cab or walk.  You don’t see Charlie getting DUI’s.  That’s his fiend IQ coming into play.  And chain snatching?  Charlie Sheen is not about to engage in chain snatching.

Simply put, Charlie Sheen gets a pass because we feel sorry for him.  No one was there for him as a Hollywood brat growing up and he got caught up.  He was a fiend when River Phoenix died, but he was just blessed with great stamina. 

It also works both ways though.  He gets a pass because his life is so pimptastic.  Not only can he conspicuously engage in all this behavior, but he gets paid to reenact it on TV’s highest rated comedy.  In fact, he’s the highest paid actor on TV and his career has arguably never been better.  None of this has dented anything Sheen related in the least, in fact it’s probably enhanced it.  It’s called vicarious living, or maybe that’s just me.

Lindsay on the other hand might to show up to Chez Sheen and do indescribably sex acts to pay her mortgage.  It’s getting bad for her.  She’s convincing herself she actually is a lesbo so her girlfriend will throw her an 8 ball every now and then.  She’s working in Hollywood these days about as much as the guy who greenlighted Battlefield Earth.

So let us not compare Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan.  Until they both die.  Then we can compare them.  Chi-Chi, get the yayo!

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