Music To Pay For

I received a $25.oo Itunes gift card for the holidays.  This is what I bought.  Did I already buy half these songs years ago on CD’s?  Yes.  Could I just listen to the other half for free pretty much whenever? Yes.  But if you never buy any music you are surely not an exemplary person.

1.  Where Is My Mind – The Pixies

2.  There You Go – Johnny Cash

3.  The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

4.  Black Rain – Soundgarden

5.  Ghetto Jam – Dwight Swills & Rick Braun

6.  Aneursym – Nirvana

7.  Morena De Mi Corazon – Raul Sandoval

8.  Treat Her Like A Lady – Natural Black

9.  Black Republican – Jay-Z & Nas

10.  Renegade – Jay-Z & Eminem

11.  Santa Monica – Everclear

12.  Sex & Candy – Marcy Playground

13.   The Eyes Have It – Pezz

14.  Glad Tidings – Van Morrison

15.  All That I Got Is You – Ghostface

16.  Get On Your Knees – Necro

17.  People Who Died – Jim Carroll Band

18.  Retaliation – Jedi Mind Tricks

19.  I’ve Got Dreams To Remember – Otis Redding

20.  Same In The End – Sublime

21.  Dreamlover – Bobby Darin

22.  Dear Mama – 2Pac

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