Brooklyn, BK, Brooklon

I have nothing against Brooklyn, but as a weird Hunter S. Thompson like not meant for mass production prototype Jersey-Bronxite, I just keep my opinions of BK in perspective.

Probably more so than any other borough it has the highest identity/pride factor.  Where you from?  BROOKLYN.  Yeah that’s nice…

This idea that all Brooklynites are somehow united in their mutual residence in BK is garbage though.  There are very much 2, maybe even three Brooklyns.  One for whites, one for minorities, and one for immigrants.

For example, you ask white people from Brooklyn who their favorite rappers are and they’ll probably say Biggie or Jay-Z.  Why?  It’s a Brooklyn thing stunad!

Well only thing is, Biggie and Jay don’t rep the white parts of Brooklyn.  That’s right, they could care less about you Guido.  Here’s a list of neighborhoods name checked in their classic “Brooklyn’s Finest”

  • Marcy
  • Bed-Stuy
  • Crown Heights
  • Bushwick
  • Fort Greene
  • Red Hook
  • East New York
  • Clinton Hill

Notice Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Midwood, Borough Park, Sheepshead Bay or Brighton Beach aren’t there?  I don’t think they are shouting out the Jews in Crown heights.

Some people from other parts of the country might think, but I thought Brooklyn was this super cohesive thing and everyone from Brooklyn got along?  Hello, have you seen Do The Right Thing?  Mutual residence in a borough is far from a guarantee of civility. 

If you live in Williamsburg or Fort Greene, or any other gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood, you better believe the natives resent that you live there after it was safe to live there and are the cause of the rent being TOO DAMN HIGH! 

DUMBO?  I don’t think so.

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