The Crying Game

John Boehner needs to man up. 

It’s not because crying is wrong, or it’s wrong for men to cry, it’s because repeatedly crying in public for suspect reasons is not becoming of a man, a woman or anyone over say 7. Lyfe Jennings – Cry (Live at the Apollo)

First off, the man starts to cry mainly when talking about his own upbringing (or in someway which reminds him of his upbringing like his crying after seeing school kids) which adds a tint of self centeredness to his actions.  I wish some research can be done to see him speaking about the world’s calamities and see how he reacts.  In any event, from what I have read, the guy does come from a modest background, including having to share a house with one bathroom with his parents and eleven brothers and sisters.  I’m sure that sucked.  When you gotta take that shit and the line in your own house resembles something out of Yankee Stadium, I’m sure that can make a guy emotional.  I’m certain there were times he said fuck this and took the roll of toilet paper outside and shit in a hole.  Again, I’m sure that sucks. 

The only thing is, there is a difference between feeling emotional and actually crying.  And let’s remember, people have had it way worse.  I can’t remember Nelson Mandella crying when recalling his 27 years of unjustified incarceration.  It’s not like Boehner grew up in the projects seeing his friends die of violence and drugs.  Did Boehner lose his legs in Vietnam when he was 18?

I think you get a pass for crying when talking about your upbringing or what you’ve went through once.  Any more than that and you might need a psychiatrist.

One of George W. Bush’s strengths was that in the face adversity he was always stoic.   After 9/11 there were many times most of us probably would bawled in public when having to constantly speak of it and be reminded of it.  He never did and it projected strength.  It’s not that that he was indifferent to what was going on, but he knew the sight of him crying served no positive purpose and like it or not being a man, or being perceived as a man, is being able to control your emotions. 

Other times crying shows our humanity and is perceived as a strength.  Hillary Clinton cried on the campaign for president and people remarked how her vulnerability was seen as identifiable.  I thought it was kind of contrived, but then again I was never a huge Hillary fan.

Something that was mocked was when Roger Federer cried after losing Wimbledon to Rafael Nadal in what some call the greatest tennis match ever played.  The argument was that you cry when you win, not when you lose.  Well I think it showed how much Roger really wanted to win.  If he was the bottom seed and lost in the same fashion no one would have said anything.  The fact that people took for granted his greatness doesn’t mean his desire to win is diminished at all.  He obviously wanted it very badly, and I think his crying was actually commendable.

Oprah cried the other day when discussing how people thought she was a lesbian.  I don’t have a problem with that either.  I think it’s kind of insulting to assume a strong independent woman is a lesbian.  Somehow ambition in women is seen as gay which is kind of weird because it is perceived as the opposite in men, but chalk that up to another double standard.  Anyway Oprah, Roger and Hillary don’t cry in public with any kind of consistency.  Put a camera on this guy and remind him of his life and this guy Boehner is like a 5-year-old watching Bambi’s mother get killed.

Man up Boehner!

And like Brett Favre, you know his last name is not pronounced Bayner.  You can’t just make up a different pronouncement of your last name because you don’t like the one you got.  Change that shit altogether!

Man up John Boner!

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