Vote For Curtis!

The Cartel was recently approached with a favor, and as Jefe I made the executive decision to grant this request.  This request came from the pride of Staten Island, Frank Morano, producer extraordinaire of The Curtis Sliwa Show.  Yes I know “pride of Staten Island” is a humorous contradiction because let’s face it, there’s nothing to be proud of in Staten Island.  That’s not Frank’s fault though, it’s like if Andy Dick has kids, one day they’ll realize their Dad is a complete ass clown but that will still be their Dad.

The Live! With Regis and Kelly Show is looking for a radio personality to fill in for Regis when he gets a penile implant.  Actually, I don’t know why he’ll be gone, but he’s like 90 so I think he can take a vacation now and then, especially because he’s probably collecting residual “dollas” from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

AM 970 (WNYM) morning drive host Curtis Sliwa is in the running and I would appreciate if you took a moment to vote for him at the link below.  Vote for Curtis because I know for a fact there is no harder working person in radio than Curtis.  The guy sleeps when Sarah Palin thinks, i.e. NEVER!  Seriously though I know Curtis and Curtis is a stand up guy, even if he can appear to be over the top at times.  No one cares more about New York City than Curtis, and you can take that to the bank.

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