Obama Did The Right Thing

First off, before I start this off I want to say I have no political affiliation, but from an objective standpoint I believe that possibly George W. Bush and Sarah Palin’s IQ combined is not all that much more than President Obama’s or Bill Clinton’s by themselves. Say what you want about speaking skills,  orating,  articulation, diction or newspaper reading, but that has nothing to do with IQ, the ability to solves problems, one gauge of intelligence. Even Bill O’Reilly essentially conceded this, at least in terms of Clinton and Obama, when asked about his opinions of the Presidents he has met on an interview on the YES Network’s Centerstage with (boring ass) Michael Kay:

The first one was Gerald Ford, and I thought that he was more of a technician than a leader. Then it was Bill Clinton. And now, I have never interviewed him, but I know him. I have spoken to him. Brilliant man. Off the chart. Works the room well. Likes working the room. But, for whatever demons he has in him, he couldn’t quite control those demons. So, that’s my assessment of him. George W. Bush I know fairly well, and I think he is an honest man-very honest man. He went to Harvard Law, and he went to Yale, so he is not an idiot. I would talk to him a lot about, “Well, why don’t you fight back against the people who are demonizing you?” And he goes, “Oh, I don’t care.” The mark of a leader is basically to step up and convince the folks that what you are doing is right. Bush didn’t do that. I felt that that was his biggest down draft. Barack Obama, brilliant-another brilliant man. I mean, I don’t know who is smarter- Clinton or Obama.

Notice O’Reilly didn’t say, “I don’t know who is smarter, Clinton, Obama or Bush?”  He simply says Bush is “not an idiot.”  I mean really, what a ringing endorsement of his mental aptitude.  He went to Harvard, he went to Yale, he’s not an idiot.  All righty then.

Anyway the media has been blowing up with the compromise Obama made with the Republicans and while you can go somewhere else for the nuts and bolts, essentially he foregoed a fight on raising taxes in order to ensure unemployment benefits can be extended.

First, this sends a message to those collecting that they’ll be covered for the holidays.  Nothing makes a family provider feel like more shit than telling little Timmy “I didn’t get you shit because my unemployment ran out so I spend what I had on Four Loko because I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do.  Make sure you wear your winter coat to bed tonight cause the heat will be out any day now.  Merry Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, (insert made up religious winter celebration that has no pragmatic purpose).”  Say what you want about extending unemployment benefits, but that money is going right back into the economy.  Tax cuts for the wealthy I’m not so sure about.  And the tax breaks might create jobs… in India or China.

Next, this is his Bill Clintonesque move to the center executed with perfect timing.  If you haven’t noticed, either abscence makes the heart grow fonder or the GOP hates Obama so much that they’ve been giving Clinton props.  Slick Willie himself.  One comment I heard was that Clinton always had the pulse of the people and strategically shifted to the center when he knew he had to.  He was a sell out, but he was a smart sell out who was in touch with the people and himself.  Obama on the other hand is too arrogant and too out of touch to ever give any ground.  Well now he has and two things have happened.  1. They can’t say he didn’t try and 2. if it doesn’t work he can say see what happens when we try your shit.

Lastly, this is not a permanent extension of either thing.  Other than principle, someone who objected to the wealthy not paying more in taxes isn’t getting anything material out the compromise.  They themselves regardless of tax bracket still aren’t paying more in taxes.  Rich people paying more taxes wasn’t going to create jobs and the extra tax revenue would have just gone to pay down the debt so it’s not like your favorite social program was going to get more funding anyway.

Most importantly, if Sarah Palin gets the GOP nomination, and you know she will at least run and as long as Obama has no primary or third party challenge, he’s going to get reelected.  No way that hockey Mom hick quitter from the northern Canada touching state will ever be President… Then again when Bush got reelected it was still pretty hard to see a black President, but let’s not go there…

One Response to “Obama Did The Right Thing”

  1. Graduating from Yale and/or Harvard with a C average doesn’t make Bush an idiot, but it doesn’t make him intelligent either. The situation the country is in after 8 years of Bush is proof positive that average people don’t make good presidents. I hope people have learned this lesson and apply it to Palin.

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