Pizza Pet Peeve

I love pizza and it’s unfortunate I can not get an authentic NY slice anywhere in Colorado.

There is one thing some people do with pizza that I’ve never understood:  blotting the oil with a napkin.

First, you think that pizzeria napkin is sanitary?  It’s a disgusting piece of paper that’s been sitting on the outside of the dispenser getting coughed on.

Next, if you really want get some of the oil out of it, be a fuckin man and fold the pizza and let it drip down.  Granted you can lose all of your cheese with this method, but at least you didn’t rub it with some nasty ass napkin.

Lastly, pizza is supposed to be oily and greasy.  What’s next, gonna filter out the sugar in that candy bar or say, “I’d like my funnel cake plain.”  No that is absurd, just like applying a napkin to the food you are about to consume.  Napkins are for YOU, not the food.

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