I always thought Conan was funny as hell and I wished he would have just stayed on Late Night where he would have had more freedom.  Between the Pimp Bot and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog every show had guranteed laughs.

I still think he does well on The Tonight Show, however his schtick is not as successful in that time slot and on that show.  A lot of his humor on Late Night was the show has no money, it’s gonna be cancelled etc.  You can’t exactly play the underdog on the Tonight Show.

With all the stuff surrounding the show and Jay Leno it’s becoming surreal because all they do is dis NBC.  Not only that, Jay has become the biggest punching bag for the other late night comics, with Dave Letterman being the most vicious.

The guy at NBC that green lighted all this must have his pants on the ground…cause he’s looking like a FOOOOOOOOL.

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