Medical Marijuana Changes in Denver

Last night as per a city council meeting the following changes went into effect regarding medical marijuana in the city of Denver:

1. Licencing of medical marijuana dispensaries

2.  The imposition of a 1,000 ft buffer between dispensaries and schools or child care facilities.

3.  Bar on site marijuana consumption.

4.  Mandation of certain security measures

5.  Prohibiting felons from opening a dispensary.

For me, the “patient”, this doesn’t affect me at all.  I can still legally buy and consume.  Some advocates in the area are kinda pissed at regulations in general, believing it is an industry that should be allowed to regulate itself.  I myself have no problem with any of these except for #5.  Shouldn’t we be encouraging felons to contribute to society in a LEGAL manner?

One Response to “Medical Marijuana Changes in Denver”

  1. I think it is a very exciting time to be a marijuana advocate right now, on the brink of legalization.

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