“And a Jay-Z song came on…”

Being as I listen to the radio everyday I’m exposed to a lot of songs I might not normally be interested in.  That’s right, I listen to regular FM radio.  I only use a preset to start and then go through all the stations cause I like everything.  I like Jazz, but I’m not gonna keep the Jazz station on all day waiting for “A Night in Tunisia.”

Miley Cyrus is pure jailbait, but that’s not why I posted the video.  In brief, this song is about a character who goes to LA and is overwhelmed by the differences between there and the south.  What caught my attention is the pre-chorous build up which states a Jay-Z song basically made everything ok.

Why you ask would I take notice of that?  For one, Jay-Z has now made the transition into somewhat family friendly fare, but back in the day Jay-Z was discernibly more rough.  I’m talking the Reasonable Doubt/Street’s Is Watching Jay-Z.  Miley Cyrus is an underage girl peddling music to other minors and has a show on the Disney channel, as such, what Jay-Z song is she talking about?  Let’s check some Jay-Z lines that probably get her head moving like “yeahhhhhh”

“I kinda hope the condom break to have a reason to go raw.”

“Stop dreamin I’ll leave your body steamin.”

“You know I thug em, fuck em, love em, leave em cause I don’t fuckin need em.”

“My dick game is vicious, insane in bitches, mami keep comin back cause mami came vicious.”

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