Peep This Shit Right Here

I will direct to you a simple question which requires a yes or no response.

When you are finished taking a shit, do you make a conscious effort to look at the shit in the toilet afterwards?

I don’t know how many will say no, but you are lying your ass off.  We ALL look at the shit in the toilet afterwards.  The question is why?

One answer, which I think mostly applies to men, is pride.

“Yeah motherfucker, you thought you could stay inside my body you nasty fuck but I fucked you up and now you’re in the toilet, how does that feel?”


“Damn, look at that shit.  That’s like one fell unbroken shit, one piece and it’s like 16 inches and curls into an S.”

Another is to know what going on inside.

“If my shit is not brown and smelly, we have a problem.  If there is some sort of cotton candy fluffy sweet shit coming out of my ass, I need  to see the doctor.  I’ll even just ask a TV doctor what they think.?”

Another question is why looking at our own shit is perfectly fine, but seeing someone else’s shit is revolting?  It’s not like if someone presented you a choice between two shits and asked you to pick which one was yours you could do it.  It’s all just shit.

Maybe we have to go to the word shit itself.  Afterall, the literal form of shit is a bad thing.  All the waste our body can produce; intrinsically nasty.

Now let’s say someone comes to you with a perfectly rolled blunt that you don’t know contains weed that only billionaires smoke.  After you hit it you’re gonna say, “that’s that SHIT!”  Anything good is referred to as the shit.  Even stuff that’s just yours regardless of it’s value is called shit.

They say the world is obsessed with breasts, but I think it actually has to be shit.

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