Letters From Famous Fans Praising Lupa Hype!

Man, this site has only been around like a week and I have fan mail pouring in from all over the globe.  Here are some excerpts from some of the more well known people I have received.

Sean Hannity of Fox News – “Someone on my staff told me about your blog, about how it was a must read but she said for me to brace myself because you are a Mexican Jew.  I thought to myself, ‘he’s Jewish AND Mexican, I’m not gonna like this.’  But you know what Lupa, after reading your blog I can say with supreme confidence you are one of the brightest minds of your generation.”

Kenyon Martin of the Denver Nuggets – “Blog GOOD.  I READ. Om nom nom.”

President Barack Obama – “Let me be clear… Make no mistake… Without a doubt… Lupa loves America as much as an immigrant can.”

Simon Cowell – “This site is rubbish.  Luckily I eat rubbish for breakfast.  Carry on.”

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