Deciphering Hoodspeak

For those of you of a certain race perhaps, or maybe past a certain age or from a certain socioeconomic background, hoodspeak might as well be Chinese.

What exactly is hoodspeak?  In short, it is the lexicon of heavily urban areas, influenced by the region of the urban area.  Hoodspeak should not be confused with Ebonics aka Black American Vernacular because hoodspeak is not defined by race.  For example:

“I smashed that scrap from the club and now she’s sweatin me hardbody AND I hit it raw.”

This statement translates as follows:

“I had sex with the promiscuous female I met at the club and ostensibly because she perceived the sex to be so good she is enamored with me overzealously.  Might I add, I also engaged in said sexual contact without the use of a condom which made the sex more pleasurable, however that part need not be stated.

Smash – to have sex, obvious meaning

Scrap – slut, not sure of the origin

Sweatin – to be overly interested in to an annoying degree

Hard Body – very much so, unsure of origins but it would seem to be a reference to a bullet proof vest, which if you engaged in regular gunplay you would want to fit very snug.

Hit – sex, see smash

Raw – Without condom, most likely a reference to when food is raw i.e. you should not consume it.

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