Introductions Are In Order

Seeing something burn causes a very visceral reaction; when people think of ash, they think of death.  Sometimes however, things need to be burned down to be rebuilt.   Immediately the mythical Phoenix comes to mind.

I’m calling this, at least for me, the Year of the Phoenix.

I was told that blogs have to have a certain theme.  For example you have a celebrity blog, or a sports blog or a this and that etc etc blog.  There really is no theme to what I’m trying to do; the only underlying connection is that I control everything and it’s all original.  The goal of some blogs is to riddle it’s readers with constant info, and much of it is thrown together from various sources.  It’s a little bit different here.

This is a very basic and straightforward layout.  It’s completely unpretentious and that’s why I like it.  That and it reminds of a newspaper, an item that within 10 years will cease to exist as we know it.

There are some kinks I need to work out with WordPress, so in that sense the page should be considered under construction and hard hats are required.

Thanks to Lola and Sheena for their help

Other than that, let the games begin.

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