Coachella ella ella Part2

What I forgot to leave out in the other piece was a few things

1.  The camping there was on some shit I could not have imagined.  Straight urban camping, everyone in lots right fuckin next to each other.  No space in between at all.  It was a complete trip, thousands of people in tents in this relatively small area.

2.  Anytime I leave home for more than a night, I bring a generous supply of rubbers with me.  The last thing I’m having is me or one of my people fuck a strange chick bareback, no way, no how.  Only thing, this wasn’t the fuckfest I thought it would be.  In fact, if you fucked, 100 people would have heard that shit.  So I go from the car to the campground with my bag, and anytime you do that you have to get searched all over again.  Security was dicks for the most part, and actually none of the employyes knew shit from shinola.  He’s searching my bad and I got this big stash of condoms.  he looks at me and says, “are you gonna need al of these?”  I’m like, man, I thought this was some other kind of shit, and we both start laughing

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