Why Do We Do Certain Things?

Everyone has done at least one of these things.

You are waiting for the elevator and it’s not coming fast enough so you repeatedly push the button.  That’s not going to make it come any faster.

Don’t you hate when you get a shit attack – right after you get out of the shower?

You know you are going to get a refund from your taxes, but you wait to do them until April 15th anyway.

How about those times when you want to sleep in but have to use the bathroom, and you decide you would rather stay in bed with the urge to go than to get up?

Why do we use alcohol to give ourselves the courage to do something that we know we’ll only have to continue when we are sober?

You ever call someones house and ask them where they are?

We buy books we want to read, but know we will never finish.  We think we have the capacity to do it, but we know we don’t.

To be continues…. I think that’s gonna be my new thing…

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