Going To California

On Wed, I am going to California for the Coachella music festival.

I don’t hate California, it’s just that it’s the antithesis of how I grew up.  Over there is sunshine and palm trees and in NY and NJ it’s clouds and concrete, and maybe regular type trees, but never palm trees.  Why is it a palm tree?  All I can think of is that it looks like a hand.

Maybe I’m too influenced by the Eastcoast Westcoast rap feud of the mid 90’s.

In any event, I’m looking forward to leaving my surroundings for a 5 days of fun.  To eastcoasters though, Cali is like a different country.  It’s like what people in Russia think of England.


Cali is all about being laidback; NY is about being on edge.  Cali is about sex, NY is about money.  

One thing I always noticed is that, if you notice the hood movies set it Cali, like Boyz in The Hood or South Central, they take place in what we know as suburbs.  Sure they are drug infested, gang plagued suburbs, but people don’t live on top of each other.  NY hood movies like New Jack City or King of New York take place in projects, or project like settings.  High rise projects.  There is something about hundreds, maybe even thousands of people living in the same structure that is hard to comprehend for people that don’t have an idea of what that is like.  You think you hate your neighbors next door, imagine if they were 20 flights up and down from you.

Also, LA thinks they have shit on NY, but that’s not true.  NY has and always will run shit.  When people in foreign countries think of LA, they think of Hollywood, bullshit.  When people think of NY, they think that’s the real shit


fuck it, to be continued

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