Bums Vs. The Homeless

When I was taking a cab home the other night I commented we were driving through a part of town that used to not have any bums, and now you see them.  The cab driver said some thing about more homeless being around, as if to say I don’t call homeless people “bums”.

There is a difference between bums and the homeless.  Not all bums are actually homeless.  Lots of people on the street have places to live, they just don’t want to work, that’s why they are bums.  On the other hand, not all homeless people are bums.  

There are bad circumstances that could force many people to be homeless, but there are no circumstances that could ever force me to be a bum.  I don’t have any sympathy for bums.  If you don’t do shit all day, you shouldn’t have any shit, that sounds fair to me.  I’m not sure why people equate being homeless with being a bum and vice versa.  Someone in a bad spot that finds themselves homeless is gonna try to do what they can to get back where they were, whereas a bum, whether he/she has a home or not is content in the pathetic life they lead.

Sometimes I give money to bums, sometimes I don’t.   I wish there were a magic way for me to know which bums are worthy of some help and which are just, bums.  A lot of it depends on how they approach me.  There are some angry, insolent bums that demand not change, but a dollar or more.  Why would I help someone out like that?  The ones that simply ask you and not make a big deal out of it are the ones I’ll help.  I’ll also pretty much always give a bum money if they are playing an instrument, no matter how badly.  If the bum is very old, I’ll always give them money and in fact I don’t even really look at them as bums because either they have no family or someone is failing them, either way I don’t expect them to work.  Same thing if they are disabled.

Then there are bums that are true bums in the sense of the word;  people from decent backgrounds, who have families to go to and are just squatting, bullshitting, whatever.  One time someone I know saw someone sitting outside a Starbucks with a coffee in their hand and a cigarette asking for money.  No, not a bum bum , but a freakin young bearded hippie bum type guy.  I will NEVER give money to those kinds of bums.  You can tell when the bums are like that.

What is very obvious is by and large the vast majority of bums are American, i.e. black or white.  How often do you see Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern non American bums?   You just don’t see that shit very often.  As a non American I can say that Americans are bred to be lazy and expect shit to come to them.  It’s a paradox because Americans are also very hard working, but it seems either you are a back breaking American and you are a lazy as fuck American.  For some reason Mexicans have a stereotype of being lazy, regardless of the fact that Mexican do the most manual labor as a percentage of their population in this country.  Mexicans have jobs black and white Americans would never fuckin touch for a second.

To be continued….

6 Responses to “Bums Vs. The Homeless”

  1. I used to give money to people on the street (thinking I should help others just in case someday i need the help) but then I started to think about it more. The United States is set up to help just about anyone. You can find work if you want it. I find it ironic that we are in a recession and people are losing their jobs and when I walk down the street I see ads in the gas station windows looking for help. I see help wanted signs everywhere and no one applies for a job their because its easier to be a bum on unemployment. I’ve seen some really young people out begging for change as well. Join the military. just because you are in the military does not mean that you have to fight or be put in harms way. get a bum job, but get a job and the benefits. If you are disabled the government practically pays your way assuming that you are not to lazy to check into benefits.

    The sad thing is that when I needed help at one point in my life ( I was not homeless) no one lifted a finger. They did on the other hand criticize me and call me a bum because i had creditors calling me and I was still trying to find a job which I did of course. I pulled myself out of a small hole not with the help of anyone else but with the criticism of others. The closest people to you will always hold you back in life

  2. babyhaystack Says:

    What do you think about transients then? Those travelers that roam the country and in some cases other countries as well. The ones who cut themselves loose from the commercial world and carry all their belongings on their back, wandering from town to town? They are not bums in the least, and we dont consider ourselves homeless either, just houseless. For we will always have our home on our backs and in the hearts of our road dogs/fellow travelers. We will do an honest peiece of work for a meagar meal if necessary…… such as pulling weeds in a garden for a loaf of bread.

    but sometimes we like to just see what we can come up with on the streets. try to be creative. now im not saying all tranisents are this way, cause there are those that abuse the matter. but instead of botherin you and asking for change, we tied a cup to a string on a rope and “fished for change” or “fished for a meal”. we enjoy being creative and seeing what we can pull out of our heads to make the day a good one.

    anyway. dont just assume that everyone you see on the street is a lazy bum. Hell, i walk 5 or more miles a day with a 50lb pack on my back and im only 120lbs girl myself. Not to mention the extra miles i would walk going down a highway, hithchking, walking exit to exit to exit cause everyone’s too scared to pick us up because their scared of the charlie manson crew and whatnot…… a lot of us are far from lazy.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post, keep on making such exciting stuff.

  4. When a bum refuses to work so he/she can sit around and do drugs, steal or harass people it’s called social parasitism(taken from the root word parasite).

    Believe me, there are quite a few parasites in my area(around 10,000) and many of them are worthless Indians.

    • Not all people that are bums or homeless do drugs or steal & harass people….some are doing it to survive on the streets….take me 4 example…I’m 23 years old I have a criminal record as long as the nile river from when I was younger ….and recently I have changed my ways and I have found it absolutley hard as fuck to get a job….not 2 mention have had a lot of tragic things happen 2 me as a child I had been diagnosed bi polar and on medication for anxeity depression & more …I am now legally disabled and receive a check for 700 a month and I still cannot afford 2 live & eat with my fiance stepson & dog…we have my first child on the way and it wasn’t planned but I do not believe in abortion and I will welcome this child with pridde…but basically I don’t have family to rely on…my father is a child molester …my mother left me when I was 13 …so I ran the streets and was in and out of DYS till I turned 18 bouncin around friends houses…so occasionally I have 2 go out and ask for money 2 survive …for things such as rent food dog food ….and gas the car …life is hard..its not meant 2 be easy!

      The 1 thing I want to make clear tho is…I do not sit around all day being lazy…on days I go out I walk around bustin my ass askin people ..wether it being the hot sun or the cold dead winter…its like a full time job in some sense …I walk askin from 9 -5 tellin people storys so I can live out here

  5. I think transients can do whatever they want but don;t beg for change. If you can;t sustain your chosen lifestyle without being a bum and leeching off society then you might need to consider changing your ways. Travel the world and live out or a ruck sack. I don;t care but don;t ask me to support it by begging. Cool idea though if you can do it without being a mooch. Might have to try it

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