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Sunday, May 01, 2005 (a very mathematically conducive year)

Why Are Some People So Depressed?

I constantly think about this. America has such an elite standard of living, yet everyone is pissed off. Guys get themselves down because they can’t fuck some fantasy video girl, women get beat themselves up because they can’t find the guy that doesn’t obssess over fucking the fantasy video girl. I have a realatively modest standard of living, yet I can honestly I’m happy. I get pissed a lot, but I’m happy. Maybe this is because I’ve eaten a lot of shit in my life. I have noticed that people who have been through shit tend to have a better perspective on life that those who’ve been coddled. I used to have a friend who was a blue blooded WASP from old Conneticut money. He was the most depressed person I ever met. He literally had a weekly pill jar, a la a typical elderly person in a home. Monday Xanax, Tuesday Lithium… We really felt bad for him. Why is there so much emphasis put on trivial things to make us happy? I’m sure there is someone out there ready to slit their wrists because they don’t have an Ipod and all their friends do. (In all fairness to that particular example, my life changed immeasurably after I got my Ipod.) You ever wished that when you met a person, you could run some sort of diagnostic test on them to see what’s fucked up about them? Sometimes I think people don’t really want to be happy. If they were happy, there would be no ambition in their life; the boat’s already sailed. Maybe people subconsciously purposely create disarray in their life, for the purpose of keeping the purpose in their life. I think that sounds about right….

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