Evan Seinfeld Interview

Enjoy! Next is a review of Evan’s website RockStarPimp.com

AL: I’ve noticed that out of all the places in NYC, natives of Brooklyn have the strongest identity and connection with their borough. What was BK like when you were growing up and how do you see it differently than what it is now? Also, what part of BK are you from, a wild guess and I would say Williamsburgh?

Evan: When I was growing up in Brooklyn, East New York, Canarsie, Flatbush, etc., it was very generational and neighborhoods were all either Italian, Irish, Jewish, Black Puerto Rican etc. Now it is kinda gentrified and clean. It looks a lot nicer now, but it has lost it’s flavor. When the wiseguys were visible there was a lot more old school respect. Tera and I have a place in Williamsburgh, but it is full of wannabe artsy nerds.

A: (Evan is definitely right about Williamsburgh, but Williamsburgh used to be some real rough shit.)

A; Were you a mack growing up or were you more the shy type?

E: I always managed to get a lot of really high end trim, since I was about 13. Chalk it up to game, because it may not be my matinee idol looks. Chicks love the bad boys, the rockers, and in the end guys who are real. Never was much of throwing down a “rap”. I always thought guys who told chicks bullshit were the weakest. My approach has always been direct, and very effective. I never had to or ever would “pretend” to like a chick for more than sex if i wasn’t really into her. There is nothing wrong with saying, “wow, you have an incredible ass, we should really be fucking right now.. wanna take a walk to the ladies room?” Nothing pains me more than games. No time for nonsense. Now I love being married to Tera, she is my soulmate. Getting to bang chicks on camera for my website rockstarpimp.com and our Teravison and Iron Cross movies is just a great NSA bonus.

A: (That’s whats up!)

A: To be tatted up like you were back in the day really meant something. How old were you when you got your first tattoo and what was your motivation? In the Jewish faith getting tattoos is looked down upon (due to the Holocaust) was your family upset at that?

E. My family was pretty upset, I was 18 and just started Biohazard. My first tattoo was a Biohazard symbol, I lived on my own, so I never showed my parents. One day my dad stopped by my apt, and I was doing pushups with my shirt off. He saw that i was half sleeved and had my chest and back tattooed, he handled it pretty well. I think that modern Jews are a lot more lenient about those kind of cultural judgements. I don’t really care what anyone thinks about me anyway. I always laugh at hypocritical Jews who obey all these rules, but are scoundrels in their daily life. I don’t believe in religion, but I do believe in karma, so don’t judge me, lest ye be judged.

A: (good point)

A: I read you are a cousin of Jerry Seinfeld, is that true? If so, what was he like back in the days?

E: We are second cousins, our grandfathers were brothers and came over to this country from Europe together, but I never met him. I even had to buy tickets to his show in Vegas for Tera’s bday, and I left a message for him to wish her a happy bday either backstage or on stage and he didn’t reply. My family all thinks he is a scumbag, but hey, to each their own. I loved his show, and his standup is pretty funny. Tera loves his humor too, I heard we were at a Bar Mitzvah together, but once again I never met the guy. If you see him, tell him to hit up his cousin.

A: (LOL, I may have the writing game on lock but I don’t think Jerry is gonna take my calls either)

A:. Who are some of your musical influences in general, and as a bass player? Were you ever into other native New York music of the 80’s like hip hop, freestyle, or DJ shit like Frankie Bones?

E: Songwriting: The Beatles, The Doors, Hendrix, Kiss, The Who, The Stones, AC/DC etc. Bass playing: Geezer Butler, Billy Sheehan, Jamie Jameson, Phil Lesch, Steve Harris and more. I loved hip hop back in the day especially early KRS one, Eric B and Rakim and Public enemy of course. I also loved the early NWA and Wu-Tang Clan. When rap became a fashion show, I dropped it like a bad habit. The first time someone made a whole song about their clothes or their watch, I was like, this is super gay, im out. I love the gangster shit when it is real, my current fave is 50 cent with the melodic Nate Dogg hooks, that is the shit. I just started Dj-ing, so I am connecting with all the latest hip hop, and there is some great shit out there. I like the sound of some of that dirty south shit. Looks like it is starting to get fun again, I have done collaborations with Onyx, Cypress Hill, House of Pain and more. Also Jam master J, RIP.

A: ( You’d probably really like Papoose, he’s from Bed Stuy. Check out Alphabetical Slaughter)

A: What was the NY hardcore scene like in the 80’s and where was most of the action? Downtown mostly, LES, Alphabet City or also other places?

E: My first exposure to the hardcore scene was around 85 when I was in college. My roommate turned me on to the Cromags, AF, Bad Brains, etc.

Funny, I had to go to Upstate NY to meet another guy from Brooklyn who turned me on. I was really into metal like Mercyful Fate, Slayer, Motorhead back then, early Metallica. I quit college, moved back to Brooklyn and started Biohazard. I used to go to hardcore matinees at CBGB’s it was astounding, the Cromags, Age of Quarrel demos were my favorite, along with Carnivore, etc. We used to play with the NY Hoods, Absolution, The Icemen, Leeway, Warzone, Sick of It All Madball and more.alot

I used to roadie for Carnivore and they shared a rehearsal space with Agnostic Front. I got exposed pretty early on and was immediately into it.

I never stopped loving rock and roll and metal though. Brooklyn had it’s own scene at Lamour’s, and I liked that better. There were not chicks at CB’s, just a lot of fights.

A: (I saw this documentary called American Hardcore that really documented the hardcore scene well)

A: A lot of people born in my era ( mid 70’s to early 80’s) treasure the Judgment Night soundtrack. I personally think it doesn’t get enough due. That helped start shit for real, along with the Anthrax/Public Enemy collab and Rage Against The Machine’s first album (Aerosmith/Run DMC and Faith No More is different). How did your collab with Onyx come about? Was it just natural because they were sort of like rap Biohazard and they are also from BK?

E: We were managed by Rush artist mgmt, Def Jam, Russell Simmons. They thought Biohazard was the most hardcore rock band, and Onyx the most hardcore rap group. They threw us in the room and the rest was history. Billy did the remix of the number one hit SLAM, and we made a video for it at a Biohazard gig in the early 90’s at the academy. The scene was open back then and it was groundbreaking. I ran into Cobra from Booyaa Tribe in Vegas last week and we talked about Judgement Night. It was my first gold or platinum album, I was proud to be part of it. Rage came after, but I loved it. Run DMC / Aerosmith and Public Enemy / Anthrax was dope but not original music. I loved Anthrax’s first few albums, Awesome riffs, GO SOD!

A: (I know Rage’s album came out in 92, I could have sworn Judgement Night was 93, but I ain’t gonna argue)

A: I was addicted to Oz when it first came out but got disappointed towards the end when it started turning into a soap opera of sorts. Was that your first foray into acting? What was it like to portray a character who was down with the Aryans (though he himself was in the biker clique I believe)?

E: It was my first acting job, they pulled me off the stage at the Hammerstein ballroom when we were playing with Insane Clown Posse and brought me to meet Tom Fontana. He asked me to come to the set and read a script, I thought it was an audition, but actually it was the SHOW itself. They read an interview where I named it as my favorite show and my old A&R guy at Roadrunner connected me with them. After 5 years and 40 commercial free episodes, I felt like an actor who was very fortunate to have some killer on the job training. It was cool to play a biker, as I ride and it was not a stretch. Chuck Zito was there as my personal script supervisor, lol. Hanging white in prison was the idea behind the Aryans and bikers together. Some of the stories were unbelievable, but hey, people love bad guys. A lot of people would come over and be like, hey man, I just got out of prison, I really relate, it was cool. It got a little soupy at the end, but hey man it was still the best show ever, except Family Guy.

A: (Chuck Zito is straight gangsta!)

A: I’ve read that Tera contacted you after seeing you in Oz and neither of you previously knew who the other was. Were you traditionally into porn? What were your initial thoughts of being seriously involved with someone who makes porn?

E: We didn’t know each other but we were attracted. I was making a Biohazard album, New World Disorder, and shooting Oz, being a single dad. She was in L.A. shooting for Playboy TV. We spoke on the phone for 3 months and fell in love, I was a little nervous about measuring up to her sex-pectations, but deep inside I knew we were the freaks of the week for each other. We are to this day so sexually compatible. Initially, I never thought I could be serious about a porn star but you live and learn that hey, it is only sex. Love is so much more. I have an incredible life, I would not knowingly trade for another.

A: (well put)

A: At what point did you decide to make the jump into porn? Was your first scene nerve-racking at all? When I interviewed Necro one of the reasons he said he would not make a similar transition when I referenced you doing it was that he has reservations over what his fans would think. How have your Biohazard fans reacted to you doing porn?

A: I don’t really care what anyone thinks, that is what hardcore is really about. Way more of my fans think it is cool than not. Shit I don’t judge what anyone else does for work or play, as long as you are not hurting anyone else and it is not like anyone is going to MAKE you watch my porn. Basically if you are so uptight that someone having fun and making money having sex with hot chicks makes you uncomfortable, you were never cool enough to like Biohazard or hardcore, metal or rock in the first place. When did rock become so gay anyway? I never understood the whole thing of rappers standing around in a porn movie with their clothes still on. To me, sex is not a spectator sport, I gotta get mine! My first scene was in TERA TERA TERA and was directed by world famous drag queen Chi Chi Larue. He was screaming about my cock being so big, and it was totally unnerving. Eventually I asked him to please stop calling my name while I was trying to fuck my chick in strange positions.. Performing on camera comes easy to an exhibitionist like me, and now I feel like I have a black belt in on camera fucking. But hey, this was uncharted territory. As far as I know, I am the first mainstream actor, musician, etc to do porn, and not act like it was some leaked video, lol. Paris, Kim, whatever yo. Take ownership, yeah I fuck, you got the balls?

A: (Even better put. Rock is mad gay nowadays, I don’t listen to it for the most part. I can’t stand that Kings of Leon song “Sex Is On Fire” If the sex is on fire, one of yous got an STD, ya know?)

A: Your name Spyder Jones made me think of something, which is the fact that there are a lot of Jewish performers, however there are no porn names I can think of with Jewish surnames. I’m Jewish myself and that kind of boggled my mind. Why did you pick an Anglo last name for your porn name? Now that I think about it Spyder Greenberg or Spyder Jonestein doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

A: Spyder Abramowitz, Spyder Mendlebaum, and Spyder Levine were all taken. LOL. The idea was for the name to sound like a basketball player swinger brother from the 70’s, you know the kind of guy with a motherfucker mustache that referred to himself in the third person, like “spyder is ready to get his dick sucked now, where the white women be at????”

A: (LMAO, I feel you, that’s hot. Someone’s gonna take Spyder Abramowitz I think though, that’s too hot)

A: What has been your favorite and least favorite experiences in the porn game?

E: I love the production side of it and although it is very profitable, there are some of the shittiest people I have ever met in my life in this business. People don’t pay their bills and don’t have a lot of respect. In the golden era of porn when the mob ran shit, I would have gotten along a lot better. People in this business are jealous and haters mostly, never to my face, but hey, I got the hottest girl in the business and I made sure that no one would ever exploit her from the day we met. I helped her build an empire, she is all about female empowerment. Most porn people are frustrated flunkees who never did anything else in their lives. All the awards and shit are fixed and so lame. This is the only industry in the world where people cannibalize their own market and undersell themselves due to over saturation. Between that and piracy, like p2p and tube sites, I’m watching this fast become the music business all over again. When everyone is stealing free porn, no one will be able to afford to produce high end porn, as it is becoming less and less profitable every day. We will always survive as we have a great brand in Tera, but I feel bad for no name porn companies with nothing original or exclusive, content is king, and my wife is the princess.

A: (lol, no comment)

A: I read for a flick you fucked 10 Asian chicks. Man, that’s got to be the shit. 10 Geishas beggin for the di-dick! Is that a lot pressure? You ever bust too early and have to start over?

E: In Reign of Tera, my directorial debut, I do a scene with about 12 hot asian girls. I wrote, directed, produced and cast it myself with some great support staff. It was possibly the best selling title of 2004 in all of porn. I only fuck Tera in that scene but 4-5 of the girls suck my cock while 6-7 others fuck each other in the background.

Earlier on in my career as a performer, sometimes I have busted too quick. Normally, what I would do would be do film the cumshot, then take a little break and go right back and film more footage, the postman always comes twice!

A: (Shit, that works for me. I heard you guys have to take nut supplements to make the jizz mad thick and white, that’s bananas)

A: What’s good with your groups the Spyderz and Tattooed Millionaires, how would you describe the sound of those bands? Are you going on tour with them anytime?

E: My main musical project is the Spyderz, http://www.thespyderz.com. It is modern day fuck you classic rock, melodic, yet punk, heavy, but anthemic. We have been compared to STP, Guns and Roses, the Cult, Black Sabbath, the Misfits, Social Distortion, ZZ Top, Lynryd Skynyrd, Motorhead, The Stooges, and even the Black Crowes. I think it is original yet timeless, we have so much fun as the band projects our lifestyle, of good old badass whiteboy culture. Smokin hot chicks, badass hotrods , chopper culture, SEXXX, and outlaw living.

A: (I gotta check that out)

A: Be real, are you strong arming Tera into getting tattoos? Just playin, does she plan on getting more?

E: Funny thing is that it is nothing like that. As her husband I love it, but as her manager I advised her that it might limit her mainstream work. She is a big girl and makes all her own decisions. That is the best part about our marriage, we are both here to support each other no matter what the other wants to do. I mean, when she made up her mind, I took her to Japan to get the best tattoo money could buy, and we needed some real connections to get it right in japan as the tattoo world is totally “controlled” there. I was tattooed there in the early 90’s so I was in. My friend Mario Barth hooked us up with Hori Taku and the rest is history. We both love to shop in Shibuya and look at the girls, Tera loves hello kitty and they have a theme park there, so I take her every year. It is great to have the means to do whatever you want. Life is good.

A: (I’m trying to get my paper like that)

A: What kind of stuff do you have lined up for the future, anything you would like to let people know about?

E: When I am not with my son Sammy boy, or globetrotting with Tera, I am co writing the Spyderz album and recording with my boy Dirrty. Playing a lot of gigs in Vegas and LA, touring with BIOHAZARD original lineup, mostly in Europe and abroad, South America, Australia, Japan, etc. Producing and shooting erotic entertainment (check out http://www.teratrailers.com), and helping manage Tera along with Violator Mgmt. She just signed a book deal with Gotham publishing and is coming out in the new Saints Row 2 video game. I just did voiceovers for the new Grand Theft Auto game, and we are staying busy. Tera has a new fitness video she is putting out called fit 4 SEX. We do a radio show on playboy radio together, and a Tera has a show on Playboy TV called School of Sex. We are working on some really exciting things that collide our worlds or rock, porn , glamour, burlesque and more. I am shooting a lot of photos of Tera , and spending a lot of time on some of my Kustom Car projects, as I am a tragic motorhead. Actually man, actually reading back all the shit we have been doing is making me tired, good night then Later E.S

A: (lol, did you leave anything out?)

A: Thank you for your time, it was a pleasure.

E: No problem, Hardcore is a state of mind. XXX por vida, porno loco!!!

check out http://www.terapatrick.com http://www.thespyderz.com http://www.rockstarpimp.com http://www.fit4sexworkout.com http://www.teratrailers.com http://www.biohazard.com


Evan Seinfeld

A: (lol, orale pues! Good luck with everything in the future)

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