More Racial Duality

I’m on this racial duality shit again, the black/white dichotomy. If aliens came down from space and started watching American TV they would think there were only black and white people on Earth.

There are even things that are considered “black” things that aren’t that at all. Take hip hop culture. That’s not a black thing, that’s a NY thing, period. People from Nashville have country, and we have beat driven music. Even the biggest rock head from NY has some hip hop in his shit, or listens to KTU, some shit. People would have you believe that blacks alone invented hip hop. Wrong. Hip hop is from the South Bronx, and at least half of the original B-Boys were Puerto Ricans, however their contributions to establishing hip hop are overlooked. For some reason everything considered “ghetto” is considered black shit, but there are more than just black people living in the hood.

By the way, did you know that Jews invented the 10 gallon hat? And from what I have read, Jews are less than 1% of the world’s population yet are 20% of the all the Nobel prize winners.

There are even people who people assume are black, but they are really Latin. Reggie Jackson. Puerto Rican. Bernie Williams. Puerto Rican.

How is it that there are so many Mexicans in the US, yet we are not represented in popular culture at all for the most part? I’m not talking George Lopez or Jessica Alba (who is only half Mexican). Shouldn’t we have a major, major, sports, music, film or TV star that is Mexican. Oscar De La Hoya is the only one and the way Pacquiao touched him up he won’t be in that category for very long.

I’m telling you, look at American culture, anything but black and white is not represented. At least there are SOME Latin stars. How many Asian stars are there that don’t fuck with Karate? How about Middle Eastern? None, who the fuck is there? Even the Hijackers in the 9/11 United plane crash movie were some Anglo ass looking Middle Easterners.

If you are white or black, you might not notice this shit, but to me it is easily apparent.

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