Racial Duality

It is not commonly known, but several years ago Latinos/Hispanics surpassed blacks as the largest minority group in the U.S.

Why is this fact so relevant?  Because in the U.S. race relations are viewed as a black/white dichotomy.

You ever notice how in commercials when there are groups of people, for the most part they are either black or white.  Or how on your local newscast there might be just a black anchor and a white anchor?  Or that in your favorite sports broadcast there is a white commentator and a black one?

This is fucked up.  Latinos do not got their proper due in the U.S.  This applies to other minority groups for sure, however as Latinos are the largest their absence is the most inappropriate

Notice on American Idol, the only Hispanic was booted off in the first week.  Jorge is way better than the burly white guy, and the blind guy.  In fact there hasn’t been one Latino winner of American Idol.

Latin culture is the most soulful culture on Earth.  I’m not talking about singing.  Blacks have that locked down, but the Latino culture is the most full of passion, full of life.

Look at the way Latins populate;  passion is in our blood.  We have a Martin Luther King day, and some are proposing we make St. Patrick’s day a national holiday, however what about Cesar Chavez day?  Do you even know who Cesar Chavez is?

Latin women are the most beautiful on Earth.  This is due to the racial mixtures that occur in Latin societys.

The struggles and accomplishments of Latins go unrecognized in the U.S.  How many Latin bums do you see in comparison to other ones?  Latins, Mexicans in particular, are the most hardworking group in U.S. society.

I’ll add to this later, but I think I raised plenty of questions which deserve answering

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