Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Recently I was sent a story that I feel the LIB readers would be interested in hearing.  As this is also a gossip site, I have not gone to any lengths to prove it’s accuracy, though from what I have read it seems logical.  I’ve had this story for a little while now and was about conflicted about blowing up people’s spots, but in the end I decided that providing information is more important than protecting certain things.

This story has to deal with the HIV outbreak in the industry in 2004, which I am sure all of you are more than familiar with.  From what I understand, there was much speculation as to who would be held responsible and in what manner.  T.T. Boy’s company was fined by OSHA, however there was discussion of other persons and entities being held liable.   As everyone knows, AIM created a quarantine list which was published online for all to see.  

At AIM all performers sign a waiver allowing them to disclose the results of tests to other performers, however the waiver never indicated anything about putting your name on a public website if you test HIV positive, a clear violation of  HIPPA regulations.  Apparently there was much speculation as to who might get sued and by who, but what was never reported was that Darren James actually did sue AIM, who settled out of court for a sum in the low six figures.

What gave this story credence to me was that I was told now the  waiver has a part that each person initials that  states that “you agree to binding arbitration and give up your right to sue in court for any damages.”  I’m sure someone here can confirm or deny that part of it, however I received specific language regarding the waiver.

So basically, Darren James gets HIV, infects three other performers, receives over 100K as a result and the girls he infected received nothing.  From what I’m told, the girls can sue AIM on the same grounds and AIM would similarly settle out of court because they have no defense.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

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