Wack Ass Frank And Gayner

I think I’m a pretty fair person, that is I give everyone a chance.  Actually that’s not entirely true.  Some people I don’t like on sight.  Most of the time it is because they are overly cocky or ostentatious, which are qualities that are immediately discernible.  My good friends and people I get along with are like me, we like to be seen but don’t feel compelled to make sure you see us; we’d rather be in the background because we don’t give a fuck about you or what you think.  People that try too hard to get your attention have always rubbed me the wrong way.  I can’t understand the mentality of being overly concerned about what complete strangers think of you or obsessing on impressing yourself on people you don’t know.
Occasionally my instinct on that is wrong and I have ended up being friends with people who I thought were douche bags on first encounter.  To my credit however I gave them a chance to prove they weren’t such tools, which is how we became friends. Generally speaking my jerk off radar is pretty on point and I can spot a stroke from a mile away.  That being said I gotta point out a couple of people that I don’t know, but don’t care for, because they pop up on my dumbass radar.
First off is Wack Ass, I mean Bad Ass Frank (hereafter just known as just Frank).  I really don’t have to write anything to corroborate this, I would just ask you to look at the last posting of his which appears on this site.  I also don’t want to waste my time.  I’d rather focus on something that was immediately glaring to me after reading his writings: this dude is NOT a bad ass.  
I shouldn’t say he is not, what I should say is that nothing I have read from him has shown him to be a bad ass, or he’s just not asserting himself to be a real bad ass. Before proceeding, let me give a broad definition of what I feel a bad ass is.  A bad ass is an individual who has no qualms inflicting pain on others, equally has no qualms having pain inflicted on them or can recover quickly after having injury done to them; in short it reserved for people that are tough.  It’s about being fearless.  Getting pussy has nothing to do at all with being a bad ass.  Manny Pacquiao, that’s a bad ass, he fucked up someone like three weight classes higher than him.  Ben Rothlisberger, another bad ass.  That guy completely fucked himself up in motorcycle accident in June of 2006, required 7 hours of surgery immediately afterward, and started in all of the Steelers preseason games that year.  David Blaine, yet another bad ass.  Besides all of his endurance stunts, I saw Kimbo Slice punch that dude in the stomach with full force twice, with the punch being so strong he flew backward each time.  Both times David just got up like it was nothing and Kimbo was astonished.
You see where I’m going?  Lastly, a true bad ass would probably never put bad ass in their name; that’s just not bad ass. So, if Frank really is a bad ass, I would suggest he drop the bad ass from his name.
Next up is Scott Gayner, I mean, Fayner (hereafter known as just Gayner).  I had never heard of this guy until Darrah emailed me last year to tell me he had written something about me on his site.  Talk about being a douche bag.  For some reason this man wrote a diatribe about how much I suck, quoted my writing, and asserted that everything I’m doing he had already done before and he did it better.  I was like damn, I just started at this site and this guy puts that much effort to trash me, he must be really, really insecure.  Out of the things I have read from him, that was actually the best, though that’s only because he quoted my writing.
Objectively speaking, even if he hadn’t done that, I’d still think he was lame.  Gayner is a train wreck (and proud of it) who happens to write, I’m a writer who happens to be a train wreck at times and I think he got that all fucked up.  Gayner is the type of dude that will put a pic up of himself coked up with white hanging off his nose and thinks that’s cool.  Not me, see in Cali you guys are all about show, on the other hand NYers know how to keep their shit low.  I might write about some things, but you’d never be able to convict me of them.  No witnesses (that anyone here knows) no evidence, that’s how you do it.  Anyway, he can eat a fat dick.  Mid life crisises suck.  40 is not the new 30, it is the same old 40.
Last, for now, is Tony Batman.  Actually, I really know little about him, never read his writing and don’t have any opinion of him.  His name irritates the shit out of me though.  Batman?  Should I have named myself AL Aquaman?  What the fuck kind of nameis that?  Are his dogs named Bruce and Wayne?  Does he tell bitches to get in his Bat Mobile?  Does he say, bitch are you ready to go back to my Bat Cave?  Does his belt have gadgets on it?  Is his best friend named Robin?  Did he witness his parent’s murder at a young age?  What the fuck is up with that name?
Lastly, I don’t read many porn blogs but I have read the first two and they suck. As hard as they try, those dudes are not intentionally funny and not even accidentally interesting.  Tony’s might be all right if I ever compel myself to read it.  Honestly, the dudes who are funny in this shit are named Al, as in me and Al Goldstein.  Al is a funny motherfucker, and if you aren’t from NY you aren’t even fully understanding his blogs.  If anyone can tell me who the funny and interesting people are in this, I’m all ears, because I think Al might be dead soon.

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