originally posted 1/20/09


It’s official, Barack is now the president.  What’s also official is that the challenges that face the country and world are becoming more untenable every day.  To say I am happy for Barack is an understatement.  Here is a classy, intelligent, smooth and hardworking man that ascended to the top using his capabilities and nothing more.  I never supported any other democratic candidate.  From the second he declared his candidacy, I was Barack or bust.  What exactly is John Edwards doing now anyway?  If you answered being the sumbag he is, cheating on his wife with terminal cancer and impregnating his subordinates, you get to go to the Showcase Showdown.

Another thing I am certain of, is the fact that this honeymoon occurred before the nuptials.  There has been a lot of Barack dick riding ever since he got elected.  I think what a lot of the dick riders need to realize is that this is where the story begins.  Barack is a public servant, our taxes pay his salary and he has a fiduciary responsibility to make something happen.  My biggest fear is that there really isn’t anything he can do to fix the economy.  He can affect it, but in the end it’s cyclical.  Bill Clinton wasn’t really responsible for the prosperity in the 90’s, he didn’t create the technology that spurred the economy.  Barack is like our coach, but a coach doesn’t play in the game, he can only call the right plays and hope the players (us) do our parts.

Regardless of the outcome, no one can take away what Barack accomplished up to this point.  Let’s forget race for a minute.  He whipped Hillary’s ass real good.  Hillary is someone who had been deemed the heir apparent the second John Kerry lost Ohio.  I have yet to witness a public figure with such a condescending sense of entitlement as Hillary.  For any person to overcome that alone is remarkable.  Let’s not forget something else, that little detail: Barack is black.  Normally I would say he is bi-racial, but when I look at Barack I don’t see bi-racial, I see black.  When I look at Derek Jeter or Alicia Keys I see bi-racial.  Shit, both of Prince’s parents are black and Barack looks blacker than he does.  Four years ago, we had two blue blooded descendants of English royalty run.  I don’t think anyone would have taken any action, no matter what the odds, that a black man would be president today.  I also hope that people never forget how low Bush set the bar.  I know the day Barack walks into a press conference with his fly down, people like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter will call to have impeachment hearings.  Hopefully, things get better for Barack and the country after today.  That being said, today is a really good day and it’s something we’ll have forever.  For those of us who have ever felt held down or different by our socioeconomic status, race, heritage or gender, we will always have today, and today may never come again for a long, long time.

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