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Happy New Years! I just realized today’s date has 69 in it, whatever THAT means…
This is where I babble and rant incoherently about some things that have happened lately, and just some random shit. I feel like a million Pesos (80,000 USD), so lets go…

For startes I would like to let you know that if I post a blog that has a title, it means it’s something I didn’t write that I thought was interesting. All my original blogs are titled by the date. It something I started recently that I like. I do it for a couple of reasons, the most important to me being that I’d hope to have people who would like to read what it is regardless of the topic, title or any other superficial tell. Wishful thinking, I know…

Next, I want to tell you that you can’t take The Bronx’s name in vain. You will die. Puerto Ricans will literally come to your house, slit your throat in your sleep and then smoke a bunch of weed. For whatever reason, there is a band from Cali called The Bronx and Pete Wentz and Ashley Simpson named their child Bronx. From someone who lived in the Bronx a number of years, I can tell you I’m not feeling that. You can’t give yourself some instant cred by naming something after one of the biggest shit holes in the U.S. If they were from the Bronx, or even somewhere in NYC it would be OK, but I’m not down with Cali heads doing it. Ever hear of a New York band called Compton, Watts, South Central or Oakland? Didn’t think so…

Moving on, I’d like to say that the whole Middle East situation is an unfortunate one, as it has been for decades. For a long time I was conflicted on how I felt about the situation, complicated all the more because I was raised Jewish. That was until I saw a documentary called “Occupation 101”, which you can search for on you tube. This opened my eyes to the fact that Israel is occupying Palestine unlawfully and that traditionally there was never any religious beef in the region until the occupation. In fact, during WW2 Jews took refuge in Palestine from the Nazis. It was not until the U.N. gave Palestine’s land away to form Israel did beef occur. 

Terrorism is the pathetic response of a group of people who have no other method of fighting for what they feel is right. Do I believe in 9/11? Hell no. The extremists new it would not change anything. They knew that was not the answer, not the method to achieve their goals. Do I sympathize with being utterly impotent to forces beyond my control and wishing I could do something, anything? You bet your muthafuckin ass…

Let me put it to you like this. As per a final answer on Jeopardy! recently, the Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world with no country for themselves. They live in the adjacent areas of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. There are 25 million Kurds as per Jeopardy and as per various sources on the web 12-14 million Jews the world. Why aren’t all the Zionists enraged the Kurds do not have their own country? After all, there are twice as many Kurds than Jews. You know how many Jews there are in Israel? 5 million. Maybe no one cares that the Kurds don’t have their own country because most Jews are white and racism is a factor. What if there were 25 million ethnic whites with no country in Europe, think someone would try and come up with something?

Bernard Maddoff is a douche, a real fuckin scumbag. The only thing is, he is not a bigger scumbag than most, he is just more knowledgeable and ambitious. Plenty of Bernard Maddoffs live among us who would love to do what he did, they even want to get on their knees and put his shriveled old dick in their mouths because they envy what he did so much. Evil intent alone never hurt anyone. It’s evil intent mixed with will, desire, ambition, intelligence…well you get the drift. The man is piece of shit, straight up.

Barack Obama takes office on January 20th, which is the same day I start school in my new home of Colorado. Let’s hope he stays as squeaky clean as he has been. Sure he has had what were thought of as bad associates or friends, but so far his reputation is impeccable, even if some question his judgment in fraternizing with those other individuals. One little Clinton like scandal could fuck all that up. Not that I think he would have a Clinton like scandal, but it could be anything and he’ll be fucked, completely stiffled in achieving things I truly believe he can do. You see, I was with Barack from day 1. I never supported Clinton, Edwards, Biden or whoever the fuck. From the very day he announced his candidacy, I was down with Barack, so I truly believe in him.

Yes Lebron walked the other day. I don’t want to hear shit about a “crab dribble”, three steps is three steps. What surprises is me is that Lebron is usually mad smooth in what he says. He is very composed for his age, and for an athlete rather articulate. I can’t back this shit though. The guy thinks he’s already Jordan. You son, are no Michael Jordan. Never will be another Mike, not until they get rid of defensive 3 second violations, the hand checking rule, the restricted area under the basket and bring back real defenses. Prime Michael Jordan would murder dudes in today’s NBA, no question. They used team defenses on Michael Jordan AWAY from the ball, and he was a guard. Need I say more?

Charles Barkley got a DUI while getting head in his car. Hey, I’m not a party pooper. I’ve gotten a DUI and head while driving a car, but not at the same time. My only thing is, why the fuck do all these rich celebrities not have drivers? If I had money like that only driving I would do would be driving people crazy. On top of that Chuck had his little gambling debt situation. Clearly Sir Charles knows how to party. I can dig it, yes sir I can.

2 Responses to “1/6/09”

  1. I can’t agree with this rubbish, how old are you?

    • alishere Says:

      Thank you for visiting Suzanne! What part do you not agree with and what relevance does age have to do with it?

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