My Small Tribute To Ray Charles….


The music world suffered a loss nothing short of devasting with the news of Ray Charles’ death. They just don’t make them like him anymore; that mold has long deteoriated. Listen to R. Kelly or Musiq sing a song, and even to the most elementary ears it is missing that certain something that is clearly evident when a man like Ray Charles sings a song. Listen to his renditions of of “Eleneaor Rigby” or “Your Cheatin Heart” and they easily equal, if not surpass the originals. He shares a bond of with two other musicians I greatly admire, Stevie Wonder and Jose Feliciano, of being blind. However, anyone who is not deaf knows that didn’t stop Ray from producing beautiful music. Ray, like many great artists, had a long problem with drugs. Heroin to be exact. I always wondered how he managed to get the needle in his arm! All jokes aside however, he overcame this terrible affliction and led a life that was full and rewarding afterwards. Ray was also incredibly personable, and a person I could easily see hanging out with. It is incredibly rare for me to have that opinion of a successfull musician. He will truly be missed…

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