“Anyone But Bush”?


There seems to be a growing movement in the country, and it’s called “Anyone But Bush.” However what these unfortunate minded individuals don’t realize is that promoting that philosophy is going to get Bush re-elected. There’s only two people that have even the slightest chance in Hell of being President in 2005: Bush or Kerry. I think they are both deplorable human beings, but I’d rather see that gigolo Kerry become President. So if you don’t want Bush to be Pres., you gotta tell people to vote for Kerry. If you tell them to vote “anyone but Bush” they might vote for Ralph Nader, (who is also a douche) if he ran or God knows who else., and then the only other realistic candidate for President will not have enough votes. It’s regrettable only two parties have enough power to ascend to the presidency in a democracy, however life being as it is, vote for the Botox injecting, flip flopping gigolo Kerry, unless you want four more years of the audacious, asinine and very dangerous Bush. Ironically, I’m not an American citizen, which means I can’t vote and am really in no position to be spewing this… If shining a big “B” in the night sky ( a la Batman) would bring Bill Clinton back to office, I’d gladly do that in lieu of voting….

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