MORE My Space Offenders


” TooMany Tats here, from Los Angeles…. the best fuckin place on earth, rock on! I believe my body is a canvas, and therefore I’m gonna get every inch of it tatted up… hell yeh! every inch… Then i’m gonna get naked, take pics and post them on my My Space page! This has nothing to do with the fact I have no artisitic abilities myself, and lack the proper gifts to illustrate art myself in any meaningful way… I tried drawing once… It didn’t work out… I tried playing guitar, but all I could play was Nirvana songs, badly… besides, i’m a bad ass tough motherfucker, and the tats are my way of being sensitive… I cried when I got them… from the pain AND the beauty… I only admitted that to the ladies that are reading this, and only the ones that have the requisite tat on their lower back for guys to look at when they rock them from behind… SWEET…I’m gonna pawn my Harley to get more ink done… it’s cool, I never knew how to ride it anyway… Right On!” ” Swinger O’Slut, from the OC… I’m pretty blunt, if you got a problem with that, fuck off… I LOVE cock, not just love, ADORE… Black cock, white cock, eskimo cock, I don’t care as long as it’s no less than 12 inches… Didn’t you guys no anything less than 12 inches is small??? I’m not a whore, i’m just liberated… I like taking on as many guys at once as I can… It took me like a day to do the math when I first started, but realized I could have a cock in each hand, my mouth, my ass and my pussy… God, it feels so good! I love my oversized tits… They feel like kickballs, and I got a siatica from sleeping with them… but they are well worth it… Come on, doesn’t everyone love 36 GGG’s? they also double as punching bags, which is good because my boyfriend Shirt Less JuiceBag has a roid rage problem… So Men, Women, Trannies, Dogs ( As Long As They are hung and got a tongue!) Leave me a message! Where do these people come from??

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