My Space Offenders


. Hi! I’m Ditsy McBlonde, my website is… Hear (sic) are my modeling pics! I’m really looking for down to earth people… my interests include money and cars… Why don’t you come and join the other 6,982 guys on my friend’s list and be a pathetic loser like they are…. My tits were a present from my ex boyfriend… What a chump! hee hee 🙂 I gave him ass once and he gave me a platinum credit line… Like duh, how was I not supposed to go for him… 2. Hey I’m Shirt Less JuiceBag… I’m real cut and obviously work out a lot… But I make sure and crop my face out of all my pics… See all these girls on my friend’s list, yeah all 11,938 of them… I banged all of them, every last one of them… Even the ones that are just guys who stole the pics from somewhere else… Yep, I’m real slick, I’ll tell ya… Here’s a pic of me with me and some girl that I don’t know that was too drunk to realize her picture was being taken with me… Maybe the roffies I pooped in her drink had somethin to do with it…I’m the man!

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