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Time To Be Garrulous

Posted in Print on February 8, 2004 by Lupa


What’s the deal with all this low-carb stuff going on? I know how it works, but the fact that people think it’s a healthy diet is beyond me. You’ll lose weight, but you’ll probably die of cholestorol before you get a chance to fit into that bathing suit you’ve had your little cholosterol ravaged heart set on. Wanna lose weight: don’t eat sugar or saturated fats and excercise. That simple. I guess if you have a lot of cash and absolutely no will or ambition, you can get a gastric bypass, aka the Al Roker. You can also move to Jamiaca. There, women purposely fatten up in hopes of landing a rich man. It’s true. They also bleach their skin, because the rationale is, since all the girls around are skinny and dark black, rich Jamaicans want a light skinned fat girl. It is actually a quite depressing story that I urge you to read up on if you don’t believe me. This is true, unlike Bonsai Kittens, kids dying from ball pits, that President Bush has a 91 IQ or that rapists use Progesterex to sterilize their victims. Speaking of which, how do those things get passed around the internet and made to be true? I must admit they are very realistic sounding, but how does one go about concocting, and then spreading these false stories that prey on people’s good nature… It must be those who feel compelled to take breaks in between look at porn on the internet and taking Enzyte in hopes their dick will grow a quater of inch. Why is having a big dick so entincing to men anyway? Something over nine inches will hurt a girl that is a potential wife. By potential wife I mean the girl does not manage to bang 20 different guys a year. And yes, you are a slut if you do so. Even if you do way less a year, but I won’t put a specific number in fear of driving away a potential slut my hypocritical ass may want to bang sometime… Maybe some of you chaste women can shed some light on how big is too big? If you put “guzzling cum” in your interests section, you are NOT the person’s opinion I want…
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